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Goodbye, Nintendo 3DS Blog

Hey guys, David here.

You might have noticed that the blog has been inactive for the past month. I didn’t die but I was out of action for a few weeks due to (minor) surgery and it caused me to reflect on some thoughts I’ve had for a while.

First things first, I’ve had an amazing time over the past four years. A lot of really cool things happened because of your support. I went to E3, we raised over $5000 for charity, and it’s been a bundle of fun to chat with readers on Twitter, Facebook, and YouTube (and in the real world, too).

Despite this, there are problems that have compounded to the point that I can’t ignore them anymore:

  • We’re deep into the 3DS lifecycle and, as a result, the news has slowed down considerably. This makes writing about the 3DS a lot less exciting.
  • I’d planned to focus on the Wii U but most of the news stories are about its low sales numbers, which meant it hasn’t been fun to talk about.
  • By the end of 2012, I’d taken this blog as far as I could hope to take it. I’ve tried and failed to find the next step. It continues to be more of the same.

I’ve also been conflicted about the quality of what I’ve been publishing over the years. I consider myself a writer but locked myself into a situation where speed mattered more than quality. It’s what brought people to the site but I’ve been criticised for my shaky editorial standards and, to that, all I can say is, “Yes, I was wrong.” I’ve been a page view journalist and that’s not what I want to be.

With all of this in mind, I’m closing down the blog. This was not a planned decision but it’s also not an emotional one. It’s just has to happen.

If you’re disappointed, that’s fair enough. I’d hoped for a more glamorous end. I’ve left the comments section open though so feel free to share your grievances, questions, and general comments. I won’t censor anyone (as long as they’re not mindlessly cussing me).

As far as 3DS news is concerned, there’s a lot of great resources out there:

Also feel free to share other great resources in the comments below (even if you happen to own that resource).

As for what’s happening with me, I’ll be on Twitter and this blog. I’ve been working on the web for the last 11 years and that’s not about to change. I’m just moving onto other things.

I’m sorry if this all comes across as sudden and unfair but, if I keep the blog going, I’m only going to be stringing readers along, and I’ve already done too much of that.

That’s about all I have to say though, so I guess for now, I’ll talk to you later (if you choose to follow along with my new projects, that is).

It’s been a wonderful four years and I’d love if you kept in touch. (You can send emails to if you like.)

– David

P.S. The forums will not be going anywhere and I’d also like to do something with the YouTube channel but am not exactly sure what. I’ll have to go back to the drawing board.

P.P.S. If you’d like to start a video game blog, read this: How To Write About Video Games for a Living: What I’ve Learned from 27,214 Daily Readers.

227 thoughts on “Goodbye, Nintendo 3DS Blog”

    1. Because I feel like I’d be just another gaming site. What I liked about running the 3DS blog is that, early on, it was unique and I believed it to be the best. The more time the passed, the less I believed either to be true.

      1. Maybe you can do more speculation posts about upcoming games. Like Smash Bros. or if Nintendo will do another Star Fox game?

      2. You can do a digital magazine about the Nintendo 3ds, you know, with more games reviews and less news also you can include your personal opinion of what is Nintendo doing right know and well. Is like this blog but you have a period of time of a month to write whatever you want and I think is easier do it that way

        Sorry for my bad English, I’m already studying more to sound better

      3. sad to see you go. could you talk to the admin at and inform them they’ve got malware in their forum software? I attempted to visit to change my password after an attempt to hack my account, thanks for the email alert there by the way, but if I cant even get in to do so because of said malware(thanks avast for blocking that) then theres no real point in me even keeping the account.

      1. Goodbye, Nintendo 3DS Blog and David, although I’m sure we will all hear from you again someday in some form.

  1. Uhh hello! david i will miss u so much because i love u. mother and i have red ur blog four meny yeers because wii love it!! i concider my self a nintendo fan and love nintendo because they r so cool and super duper awsume because i love them. i wud bii happy two take over the blog four u because i love u and want u 2 bii happy because i love u. every1 will miss u and still want the blog 2 hapen so maybe u can have mii take over because i lvoe this blgo and i lvoe nintendo and i will only post possitive stuf about nintendo because i love them!! best of luck frend!

    -thebensanders :)

    1. Thanks for the comment, Ben. I did consider handing over the blog to readers but figured it best to just let readers start their own projects rather than attaching themselves to a project that’s already fading. :)

    2. Very sorry to hear about the problems going on with the blog. Thanks for everything, though, and good luck with any future projects!

    3. Well Ciao David! It’s been a good few years following you in this blog. It saddens me to see you go, but I’m guessing it’s for the best. I had good times when the blog was more active and I don’t regret my time here. I hope you find something you’ll enjoy. Good Luck!

  2. It was a good run man. I’ve been here reading the blog since the beginning. I always enjoyed the blog and your YouTube channel. I’ll be reading the other blog though.

    It’s been fun here, man!

    1. Thanks for kind words, Brandon. Amazed that people have stuck around for so long. That is very much appreciated. :)

  3. All I can say is… Wow. I wasn’t expecting this.

    Thank you so much for this blog. I loved coming home from school four years ago to see what was happening on the blog. I loved reading about your travels to Japan, where you were able to get a 3DS a month early (I remember reading about you getting while I was sitting in a RV in a RV show… in a mall). I loved what you did with Project Water. I loved your sexy Austrailian voice on the YouTube channel.

    I plan to support you in whatever project you decide to pursue in doing next. Thank you so, so, so, so, so much for this fantastic experience.

    1. Thanks for the comment, Max. It’s definitely be a ton of fun over the years and I’m glad you’ve enjoyed following along. Also great to hear I’ve got your continued support. That means a lot to me. :)

      1. David, I would love to take the blog off of your hands and make it my own. Instead of 3DS or just Nintendo related stuff, I could do one for Top Tens and Video Game Track of the Week. I could also do video game fanart of the week.

  4. I’ve also been around since the early starting of this, so its going to be weird waking up in the morning and not having the “Nintendo 3DS Blog” bookmark on my list of sites-I-gotta-check-daily. It was a hell of a good run though, thanks for everything you gave man.

    1. So true. I have been here for the 4 years now. I joined the blog a few months after it was launched. Good Luck to you David in whatever you decide to do. :)

  5. I’ve always loved your YouTube and your blog. I hope that whatever you do it’ll include a mii, a beanie, and a camera. Keep doing what your doing it’s clear its worked. See you in your next video

  6. I honestly agree with you and your reasoning. I loved your videos about the 3DS pre and post launch. They truly were the best and most informative. However like you said, times change and news gets saturated and novelty declines. Good luck on your future projects! Maybe around the time of Nintendo’s next handheld you’ll be inspired to go at it again 😉

    1. “Maybe around the time of Nintendo’s next handheld you’ll be inspired to go at it again.”

      This has actually crossed my mind. I’m not counting on it but maybe Nintendo will spark my imagination yet again. That’s what the 3DS did, at least.

    1. I considered it but most people underestimate how much work it can take and I’d hate to hand over the site, get the reader’s hopes up, then have it all come crashing down anyway. Best just to let people promote their blogs in these comments, I think.

  7. Reader since early 2011, I remember checking for new news every morning.
    It’s been fun David.

  8. Hey David, thanks for all the great content over the years! I actually really enjoyed your other YouTube channel as well where you made vlogs more so about life than gaming. I’d be interested to see new content from you like that but whatever direction you may go in I wish you the best! If there is anyway to stay in contact with you let me know.


    1. Thanks, James. I’ve been considering making videos on the other channel. Might see something there in the coming months. :)

      1. That’d be great! I don’t mean to advertise but if you have time I’d like for you to check out my channel and let me know what you think of my content. I’m an aspiring filmmaker and actor moving to LA next month.

        1. Love it, man. You’ve definitely got some skills and I thought the trailer was very well written. Good luck in LA! (My friend will probably be making the same move next year.)

  9. David, i’ve been following you since the beginning and these last years you were an awesome 3DS news resource.
    I’m still active on the forums as the forums are a blazing succes among us gamers. I hope the best for ya.

    Good luck with whatever you are gonna do.

  10. Well dang. I’ve been reading this blog since 2010, it had always been cool to see news get posted, or you to get in front of your camera with the beanie and start talking. It’s been a part of the ride for as long as I can remember, and it’s a shame to see it finally taken down. Nintendo3DSBlog will definitely be missed, and I can only hope to see your work again in the near future David. Until then, I suppose it ends here.

    Thanks for everything over these past four years, it was amazing

  11. Hello David some of us know what it takes and how much time is needed. Please reconsider letting someone else handle this for you. Just a thought.

    Good luck in your adventures.

    1. If a reader starts a spiritual successor to the blog on their own domain name, I’d be happy to help promote it if they can show me that they’ll stick with it. Otherwise, I think I need a clean break rather than the messier alternative of transferring everything over.


  12. David,

    I’ve been a huge fan of this blog, and have been keeping up with it since the beginning. I remember, as well, when you got the chance to go to Japan and receive a 3ds early. I got tweets from the nintendo3dsblog directly sent to my phone through SMS, so I would constantly be pulling out my phone back in high school to make sure I was updated on all things 3ds. You are very talented at what you do. It’ll be a huge bummer with the blog down, but I know that you have greater things planned for your life. I, and I assume all the other readers, wish you the best in your future endeavors.

  13. I was here ever since I saw your review on the 3ds. Its sad to see you shut down the site, it was nice being one of the many commenters for so long, It was an amazing time here. Goodbye.
    Akso , what happened to those web archives you said would be available? I want to remember the times.

  14. Idk if you will read this but I hope you!! Idk if you remember me from waaaaay back in the beginning of your videos, you answered one of my questions in your videos! I was so excited! This was when you were taking questions from us in the google thing!! I’m still here bro!! Anyways goodbye and good luck!

  15. I’d just like to say I’ve been with this blog from to the beginning. This blog gave me tons of fun over the years. I had so much fun tracking the the 3ds before its release and getting excited over new games and software. You have been a fixture of my top bookmarks for the past 4 years and I’ll be sad to see it go. Just wanted to say thanks david for everything and let you know how great this blog as been and that I’ll miss this blog alot. Can’t wait to see what you do in the future.

  16. The Nintendo 3DS Blog is one of those websites that I’ve kept in the top of my bookmarks and checked daily. It was for sure a great run! Good luck with the future, David!

  17. I feel like this is the end of a really good book, but in reality, it’s just the end of another chapter in your life. It was pretty awesome coming to your website daily to check for new news, but, over time, like your posts, the visits slowly diminished to a few times a week to once a month to whenever I randomly remembered your website. I guess this is goodbye, then. Goodbye.

  18. hey david!,
    This is heartbreaking news for me as you were my best source for 3ds and wii u news but i know that what ever you will be doing will be for the best and im down to support whatever path you take, ill be definitely following your youtube and twitter from time to time, i wish the best for you bro!

  19. Sorry to hear man :( What are your plans for the future? Any chance that we’ll continue seeing you cover work in the game industy?

    As far as resources go, Always Nintendo is a good site:

    Best of luck in the future David! Looking forward to seeing wnat you come up with in the future!

  20. I can’t believe it’s over. Your blog was one of the websites I would check daily and I think I’ve even been visiting since the beginning. Even though it’s over I’m probably still gonna check it daily out of habit. For people with a Wii: this feels like when Nintendo Week ended on the Nintendo Channel. I really miss that show and Alison, Gary, and Dark Gary… Good memories came from this blog, like when you finally took off your beanie to reveal your glorious Australian hair, or more recently when you would play the ukelele. I love you, David, and I’m gonna miss this blog so much. Good luck with your future and current projects.
    A Huge Fan,
    P.S. I noticed in your more recent posts that you would add a little but of humor. Any plans on taking that a bit further?

  21. I just wanna say that I love what you did with your blog. You were able to form an awesome community of people who were all anxious to get their hands on a 3DS and Wii U. Thank you very much for your hard work David.

  22. Hey, do what you need to do, man. It is a shame, and I was a big fan of the blog (it’s still in my “priority” category in my RSS reader), so it’s a shame it’ll be going, but I can understand why. It’s really hard to compete in a meaningful way when there are so many video game news sites out there, and it takes a huge amount of time and money to really do something different and unique enough to warrant the effort.

    Not that you lack the ability, but it’s good that you know your priorities, and I think everyone can respect that.

    Best of luck!

  23. This is sad for me to see considering I’ve followed this blog since day one. It’s been apart of my life since. Searching this website day in and day out since day one. I don’t know what I’m going to do not lookin at this website every day. I’m really going to miss you and the website bro. Hopefully you’ll reconsider this. If not see you around bro

  24. Hi David,

    I’ve been following your blog since its very beginnings. For years, checking your blog was the first thing to do in the morning. I thorougly enjoyed reading the news and stories. Reading that you closed it down was quite a shock for me, but I understand that you want to move on. Wish you all the best with your new projects!

  25. I’m really sad that it’s come to an end. I came across your YouTube channel by chance back in 2012 and subscribed immediately. Since then, I always looked forward to your new videos. You actually taught me a lot of things I didn’t know, and you were my news source for awesome things I was looking forward to! I hope things go well for you from here on out and you still have a supporter/ fan here in New England. So long and I’ll miss you!

  26. Well David, what you choose is all on you. And not to be that guy but I didn’t think you would last long anyways considering there were times we rarely heard from ya. Actually I think you were most looked up when the 3DS was in it’s darkest hour, and even afterwards you were still the prime, or at least to me, source of 3DS information to get. Little bit later, lack of news started appearing sometime after the big donations, I even started going to other sources for information regarding Nintendo. I’m not saying I want to see you leave, but I am saying this is not much of a surprise to me. Sometimes we must cut off the things we do in order to move on, what ever it is you feel is right is fully supported. All I can say is “thanks for all the news articles.”

  27. Hey, David. I don’t usually comment on these things, but I thought I’d say thank you. I was so psyched about the 3DS and your blog has been, by far, my favorite on the web, I’ve been with ya since your first day. Unfortunately all things do have to come to an end, and while it’s a big disappointment to see this one go, I understand that it’s just in the cycle of things.
    Thanks for keeping the fans updated and for running such a good blog. I wish you the best of luck in your future endeavors!
    P.S. I realize you said it was minor, but did that surgery go well?

    1. Surgery went wonderfully well. Recovery was mostly painless and now I can breathe much better (I had surgery on my nose). :)

  28. Sad to see you go. I hope if you do open another blog down the road you let us know! I’ll be subscribed to the feed. Thanks for running a great site :)

  29. Hi, David. This is such a shock to me! I did not expect to see this when I came on here, my heart kinda sank when I read this blog was closing. I was one of your first readers and subscribers on YouTube. I’ve followed you since the beginning, and to be truthful, you’re the reason I had started my own blog site, and the reason I ended up going where I went to in my life, as I’m now an independent video game developer. Your blog inspired me so much over the years, that’s kinda crazy, but you’ve been someone I’ve looked up too. It’s thanks to you I’m where I am in life. I couldn’t ever thank you enough.

    But I understand your reasoning for ending this, I’ve noticed news has slowed and gotten less interesting and worthwhile aswell. But I’ll definitely support and follow any future blogs or projects of yours!

    I’ll miss coming to this site every morning and night, checking for a new post from my favorite video game journalist and blogger, but you left plenty of good memories. I wish you the best of luck with any and everything you do for here on out, I can’t wait to see what you’ll move on too next. Thank you again for the many years of enjoyment from this blog!

    Best wishes and much love from your biggest fan in the USA, Bailey~

  30. I’m not the kind of person that spends much time online but when I discovered the blog back in summer 2010 it became a part of my daily life, checking for updates several times a day and watching your videos. You made the release of the 3DS many times more exciting with all the rumors and hype. Thanks for all the work you put on it and I really hope you come back when the next big thing is announced. Good luck with your future projects, you have so much potential and you’re a likable guy.

  31. I think it’s better if you handle this website with a group of people. At least it makes things easier than doing things alone.

  32. Hey David. I just want to echo a lot of the people on here and say thanks for all the thrilling coverage and exciting photos and videos you’ve made available here over the last four years. Your page is one of the few that I’ve had open almost everyday since I discovered it. Even during the days when there seemed to be a famine of new information haha. I also really appreciate how you directed your viewers’ attention to more important needs in the world. Your contributions are greatly appreciated and if it hadn’t been for you and this blog many of us wouldn’t have known/cared about those needs. You’re a great guy, David, and while this blog will be missed we totally understand. I’ll follow you on to your other projects because I can tell quality when I see it. I also love video games haha. Thanks for a great ride, David!

  33. I have watched your 3Ds videos almost since the beginning I think.

    Interesten to see what you come up whit next! :)

  34. awww :`( that sucks, i came across your nintendo3ds youtube channel back before it came out when i found out paper mario and animal crossing were going to be launch titles, and i watched your videos and followed this blog ever since, checking it everyday for news, but when even i was ahead of your news i guess i realized the blog was not gonna stay much longer… but as for the 3ds youtube channel, why don’t you just record your own review videos? (i think your channel says you were going to do reviews but you never did…i think?) i bet a lot of us would love to see you review games and do lets play videos and help lean us into what games we may like

  35. It’s been a good run David.
    Your videos were always informative and entertaining to watch.
    And I will always miss your “And as always, I’ll talk to you later”
    Thanks for the good few years of 3DS and WiiU news.

  36. Hi David,
    I guess all that needs to be said is a huge thank you! I’m really not a follower of blogs, I simply just don’t have the time to be. But somehow, right from the very beginning, I’d find myself checking your blog multiple times during the day. It even got to the stage where I only needed to hit two keys on my keyboard; “n” and “enter”. I guess that alone sums up how I, along with many others, felt about this blog. I wish you all the best with your future endeavours and look forward to seeing what you come up with next!

  37. David, thank you for your time and effort you put in this blog. I’ve been around for 3 years and I was always so excited to see another piece of 3DS news when I first joined the site. Perhaps you could write about new 3DS homebrew/hacking/emulator news? It is a possibility since there is a lot of news lately about 3DS homebrew and hacking. It is just a thought and we have for that, but maybe you could do that.

  38. Thank you so much for everything you have done on this site. Since the day I discovered this blog a few months before the release of the 3DS, I have kept this tab open, checking for news more than once per day. It has been a great journey – I didn’t even realise it was that many years ago.

    Again, thank you David, and I wish you well for your future endeavours :)

  39. All the best with your next endeavor, David!
    Was checking the blog daily through 2011 and it has been a great resource in swaying me to pick up a 3ds and some killer games. Thanks for everything!

  40. I’ve been reading since day one as well. was always the best because it had every bit of news, not just the big stories- and they were always up straight away. It was easilllyyy the best news source- especially for people who were so hyped for the 3DS like I was. (I barely play it now.)

    Those live chats during the conferences and Nintendo directs were awesome.

    Good luck with your future projects.

  41. Hey David!
    I’ve been following your blog since the beginning and I just wanted to say thanks for all the posts, you have kept me up to date with all things 3DS, Nintendo and gaming! I will keep a look out for future projects!

    Keep up the good work mate and thank you for everything! :)

  42. Hey David,

    I started out watching your videos and reading the blog for the 3ds news, but then it became more about you and your inspiring beany. Jokes aside, I know you’ve got a lot to share that isn’t game-related, so I look forward to seeing what you do in the future. From one writer to another, good luck!


  43. Hey man! Thanks for the time you put in. Been following it from the lead up to the 3DS with all the rumours and everything haha.
    However in the past year have been frequenting other sites. (,, etc.) however still enjoyed your videos when they went up.

    Being able to hold a ‘fan’ base, and be a face that people actually like seeing is a great quality and hope it runs into other stuff that you do in the future.. Also is being humble enough to know when is when.


  44. Sad to see the blog come to an end :-(
    The blog made the wait for the 3DS much more bearable, I’d sit and read 3DS rumors and news in my school lunch breaks, good times.

    On the off chance that Nintendo announce a new handheld soon, would you consider doing a blog for that like you did with the 3DS?

    1. Won’t make any promises about a new blog, but I’d consider it. It really just depends on how much Nintendo inspires me with their new product. :)

  45. Your 3DS channel was the reason I found out that the 3DS is a new console and not a new model of DS. When I was really hyped for the 3DS I used to watch your videos and read your blog daily. To this day I used to visit this blog almost daily just for old times sake. I’ll miss you and this blog David

    Ps. Your voice feels really nostalgic for some reason

  46. I received the Zelda 3dsxl as a surprise christmas present. I discovered this site shortly thereafter. I’m sad I didn’t get to enjoy the glory days of this blog, but appreciative of the 5 months of info I received from it. Really hope you reconsider.

  47. Thanks for four Years. I’ve been reading this blog nearly every day since its creation, and I must say that you are great at what you do. You always were early with the news and wrote quality articles. Speed and quality that I think easily competed with or even surpassed the Major Videogame news websites.
    If you ever do make another blog I’ll be defiantly be reading it.

  48. Hey David, while it’s a bummer you’re stopping the blog hopefully we’ll all be supporting you, I remember how you had a live stream for the Japanese 3ds and how all your news and such on the system kept me excited when I was in middle school, while you probably won’t see this I just wanted to say, thanks for being that one thing on the internet I could always turn to when I was somber

  49. Would you consider covering the Wii U if the news regarding it ever picks up? (I don’t know how likely that is though :P)

    1. I wouldn’t blog about it but I might make videos on YouTube. Curious to see what happens at E3. :)

  50. Whoa, this came as a bit of a shock, but I do fully understand your situation.
    I remember being here at the start of the Blog, the pizza night with the 3DS unboxing… I’ve had tons of fun here (and I’ve actually gotten a feel for Australians because of you).

    I hope this didn’t sound too edgy, but the blog and the community as a whole has meant a lot to me to kick of a new generation of systems. You deserve an applause for this, but that’s kinda hard over the internet, though I wish you the best of luck with whatever you’ll do for a living and I hope indeed that you will talk to us later.

    Cheers from Norway!

  51. I agree with your decision man, it’s for the best. I was here from the beginning and loved it, I never even ended up getting a 3DS but I loved this blog. Once it slowed down I wondered what would happen. Good luck on your other projects, it’s been a good couple years!

  52. Well…. I am going to miss this site, I have been here like 2 or 3 months after you started this blog, because I remember reading so much stuff about the 3DS and its games. I came here to get the latest 3DS news and I was not disappointed. It was AWESOME being able to get my latest news on games I had my eye one, like Kingdom Hearts 3D, Super Mario 3D Land, and others. It was fun over the years and I hope whenever Nintendo releases a new handheld system, whenever they may, that you will be the one giving us the information and releases. Sad to see you leave but everything must end at some point, and I hope to see you again.

  53. I liked the quick and easy stories, because frankly this was the only video game website i visit, and i check it mostly every day. I just liked the focus on the 3ds, because I’ve gotten to a point where i am only really interested in Nintendo games, and the Wii U has been less than thrilling.

    Good luck with whatever comes next, but I’ll miss the convenience of the quick info that i got from this site.

    On another note, for like every 3ds game survey i did for club nintendo, i entered this website as the other for the “how did you learn about this game?” section.

    but yeah, thanks!

  54. David,
    Its been great reading your posts and finding out the newest things about nintendo from you. You’ve always been my go to website for nintendo news and I’m super happy I’ve been with you so long. Blessings in finding your next adventure in life!

  55. Hey David, I really REALLY enjoyed coming here for news. This was actually my favorite place to come and check for updates. I’ll truly miss this amazing blog. Farewell, David and take it easy, alright?

  56. David,
    Since the rumors first started I followed your blog and LOVED the quick and one-stop shop for 3DS news. You contributed to SO MUCH of my hype for the 3DS and I got it on release day. With Animal Crossing: New Leaf and so many other games I literally play it everyday. This website has been on my favorites bar and opens every time I load up my browser. But I agree, its time for it to go and I knew this was coming soon.
    Once again, thank you, I loved the site and forums to death.

  57. Dang, first 3dsbuzz closes down, now this one? I enjoyed this blog while it lasted. Goodluck with you other projects!

  58. I have to say, I’m truly sad to see the blog go. Ever sense 2012 I’ve been looking at the blog every day. I remember when I tried to look for a good website that had all the information on new games (especially Kid Icarus: Uprising because I was really excited for it at that time). But I guess all good things must come to an end eventualy. I’ll miss looking at the blog each day. Keep up with the ukulele! 😉

  59. I have been and viewer and reader of your YouTube/Blog for almost four years and have greatly enjoyed it. Thanks for it all man. Good luck buddy on your future projects.

  60. Bit sad to see you go, but it’s been a good run, and the reasons you posted are legit TBH.

    I remember I would check this blog about twice a day when the 3DS was just announced, especially in anticipation for Resi: Revelations, lol. You always did a top notch job man, updated satisfyingly quickly.

    Wish you well in your future.

  61. Just wanted to say a huge thank you David for all your hard work, this is the first time I’ve commented on just about anything to be honest xD

    But I think its deserving as without your content and information about the 3DS I probably would never have bought it in the first place and for that I am eternally grateful! :) I fully understand your decision and can only wish you the absolute best of luck in the future!

  62. I will remember you when I am an adult David! You were a big part of my life. I remember waking up every morning to check to see if there is any news from you!

    Strive towards your dreams! Destiny is on your side!

  63. I can’t believe its over, I remember reading about the rumours of new games, what times the nintendo directs would happen and posting videos of the new 3ds you got from Japan, and I didn’t think you would end the blog with all super smash bros. news coming out but I guess you want to move on. Thanks for all the 3ds news, David!!!

  64. I have been here since the very beginning (almost). Your blog and youtube channel has been my homepage for the past 2-3 years. It will be really sad opening up my browser and finding some other website that isn’t this one. I knew this was coming sooner than later I am just sad to see it didn’t make it to E3. I really hope that you go on to do some other projects that you will enjoyed after this. Best of luck to you on your journeys.

  65. Sorry, David. I got home from school and I just knew that something had to be on this blog. I was right, but I was shocked. I visited your blog every day whenever I wasn’t busy(never busy). This blog isn’t forgotten, nor is it truly dead. This blog’s life is in the brains of the readers. Best of luck to your future projects.
    -A Present Day and Future Youtuber, Awesomaze
    P.S. You were a part of my wanting to be a Youtuber

  66. Damn its ashamed to see you go . . . I was here from the start. Seeing the growth of 3DS you produced news fast and with quality. So good it rivaled with Nintendo output. It was a good run ;(

  67. Alas, the writing’s been on the wall for about a year or so. I appreciate all your effort here and hope to see you around. I have you subbed on Youtube, maybe you really will keep it up there anyway!

  68. I remember when the 3DS was first announced, and all I had to obsess over were Reggie’s silly promo, and you, who I thought was just a stupid kid with a camera. I never commented, but I was always here, through the slow and fast times, and it’s been great. While I’m sad that this is ending, I just want to mention that I had a blast. Four yeas is alot of time, and we’ve all done great stuff. Wish you the best David, thank you.

  69. Howdy David + all

    Thanks for all the hard work keeping us all informed. Ive been following(though mostly silently) the blog since day one and its been a great source news about all things 3ds and ninty.

    I wish you the best for your own new projects! you have some decent web experience that you can implement in all your future projects!
    I look forward to hearing more about any future projects you setup. maybe you could keep us informed vie the 3ds blog newsletter! ;D

  70. Thanks for all the work you’ve done here David. I’m getting a bit emotional with the fact that I’ll have to take out of my daily life, and routine. However, I hope you continue improving the quality of life of whatever new audience you decide to cater to. You will be missed by the 3ds gang here in East Providence :'(

  71. Well David, it’s been a blast to have been with you and everyone else on this blog for about 3-4 years. Good luck to you and hope your future stays bright.

    I’ll miss you! :3

  72. David, I’ve been keeping up you since early 2011 I think, I remember it was long before launch. You’re the reason I was convinced to buy my Cosmos Black 3ds on launch day. It’s hard to believe that you’re really moving on. But I completely understand. There was a certain feel during the first couple of years in the 3ds’ lifespan: Always new games to talk about, and the news leading up to launch.. I’m proud of this blog and it’s channel. One thing I’ll always remember is you being my first Mario Kart 7 Online match in your community, haha. It’s been great man, take care and good luck on any future projects you have. :’)

  73. David,

    Thanks for an incredible run. Four years ago you were one of the first energetic, passionate people to show me that a career revolving around reporting videogames in a fun and engaging way was not impossible. Following you in Japan and E3 and all the rest made my last years of high school fun and special and helped me find where I am right now in life.

    I won’t “fairy tale” you and say that you’re leaving behind an incredible masterpiece. You grew up, your passions broadened, and the quality and energy on the blog reflected that, and that is nothing to even think about apologizing for. You seem to know that which makes me happy.

    I’ll gladly be following whatever you present to the world next, because 3DS news aside I always believed you to be a worthwhile journalist and an all around awesome dude… When your heart was in what you were reporting, anyway. You’ve got a follower in me, and I hope a ton of others like myself who grew attached to the blog. Time to share your talents with others.

    Cheers to a well-deserved breathe of fresh air,

    Jack Ryan

  74. DAVID! I’m sure you don’t remember me, but I’ve been with you literally since the very beginning, with your crappy webcam quality videos and your crazy head bobbing. No seriously, I remember your first video. I’m real sad to see you go, but I can agree that it has been a bit slow and uninteresting, which is in no way your fault. I’m not really good at writing these kinds of ‘long sad posts’ so I’ll just keep it short. I’ll be sure to keep up with your other stuff. Good luck, and thanks for the awesome 4 years! 😀

  75. Thanks for the run David! Been reading thr blog since the 3DS released and watched your daily news videos on your channel . It was a daily thing for me but now it will feel empty , what will i do in class now ? Lol i always read the blog when my classes got boring but thanks for the run again David

  76. I didn’t see this coming at all. I have been here since the very beginning, and have made very few comments under different names. Me and my brother are massive nintendo fans, and I remember this blog made me want to get a 3ds. I got it the day after the American release date. This blog has been with me all over the world ( I travel lots). I wish you to have the best of luck in your future endeavours. Bye friend!

  77. Well everything has to end some day. This was one of my first video game news websites and now I’m all over them. I’m glad I got to stay til the end.

  78. I’ve been following this blog since near the beginning… when each game coming out had its own page. Although it’s a shame to be losing this blog (which I’ve been checking regularly even with the minimal updates) the time has come. Hopefully What’s-His-Face can revive the Wii U blog once things turn around…RIP!

  79. Thank you so much for the adventure and community you gave us over the years. I’ll never forget your live stream of Japan and the work you put into everything for us. Good luck in your next projects and your life so till then , we all will remember and “talk to you later”.

  80. wow for me it’s like an end of an era I know you have given us some sites to look at for future updates but yours will always be the true 3DS blog it’s really going to be weird no more David 3DS videos it’s all really sad been reading this blog for about 3 years now always checking for a new game update or eshop release wow 3DS news will never be the same again from a loyal fan best luck for the future David!!

  81. This is so sad to see it go :( I use to be on top of my gaming things because of this blog and it is true I’ve slipping lately cause this blog was slowly slipping away and not many information was being posted. It was a good and I loved this blog I would check it everyday in my computer classes during school :) these past four years. the blog is closing and i’m graduating like whoa!!! haha great job david and good luck on your other projects you will forever be my favorite blogger on video games <3

  82. I’ve been following this blog since 2011. When I first found this blog this had been my only source of 3DS news. Sad to see the blog go, and here I thought this blog would’ve lasted until the 3DS stopped getting new games.

  83. It’s definitely been a good run, while I agree this site has largely run its course, I’m not done following you; your Youtube videos in particular! Thanks for the years of coverage David

  84. Its a shame really, I’ve been coming to this site nearly everyday since I discovered it. Good things never last.

  85. Every good thing has to come to an end. I was actually wandering when the blog was going to end considering the 3ds has been out for 3 years (maybe four? I’ve lost track). That being said, David, you have done a wonderful job at keeping the blog updated with new content on a reasonable basis. It is good to quit while you still have glory then to quit when there is none left, and in my opinion, you still have glory. It is going to be strange not checking up on the blog regularly, but if you have accomplished so much on a video game related blog, then the possibilities are endless.
    I wish the best of luck to you mate!

  86. Sad to see you go David. I was one of your very first viewers, and I’ve loved seeing you grow and progress with the blog and the youtube channel particularly. I will follow any new projects you come out with, so I’m exited to see what come next. I suppose we should look at this as new birth rather than death.

  87. Hi,

    I have really enjoyed reading this blog. This blog really got me hyped for the device and made me enjoy it even more. This has faded away lately though (my hype for the device, that is) and it’s weird how this blog is shutting down the same week I decided to sell my 3DS. Anyway David, I am one of those readers that never really comments on articles but reads nearly all of them and I really enjoyed them. I wish you best of luck with your future projects :)

    All the Best,

  88. Awww man. I’ve been looking at this blog since 2011 and it sucks to see this go. But it happens. Anyways thanks for the blog David it was fun. Good luck on your other journeys

  89. I guess I understand your reasoning. Nintendo news haven’t been that great lately to be honest (at least not as exciting as they were when the 3DS was still new). Good luck in your future projects! Your blog was actually one of the best and most informative for years so I hope you don’t consider it a failure because it really wasn’t!

  90. Good luck with your endeavors David thank you for all your hard work and dedication to Nintendo and my fellow gamers.
    maybe some day you will do something again involving new and games but till that time comes, thank you and food luck.

    from the artist known as Joseph.
    look me up on Face book for news, Art. And gaming rants.
    but, not necessarily angry more like deep thought into the gamer mind set.

    my name in full if the Email didn’t give it away is Joseph Gregory Sharp.
    plz look me up and friend me.

  91. this is actually really sad. I have been here since the beginning and was a really big fan back then.
    Good luck on your future projects! You have an amazingly sharp mind.

  92. I was kind of suspecting this. As you said, things had staled a bit; the site stopped evolving and the initial excitement of the 3ds and 3dsblog had faded. That being said, I really appreciate all your efforts. I wish you all the best in life and with your new projects!

  93. I’ve followed this website since it opened up four years ago when the 3DS was announced.

    Thank you very much for all the coverage you gave us throughout the years!

  94. I support your decision, David!

    I’ve followed from the beginning, and it was sad to see the blog slowly die down. I’m happy to see you move on, and I loved how you were always traveling and collecting donations for various causes. I really enjoyed it while it lasted and hope you create something else even bigger than the blog in the future.

    Best of luck, David

  95. I remember stumbling onto this blog when you made your very first post on Nintendo 3DS Blog; from the beginning, I knew that this blog was going to be a hit. There are so many good memories with this blog that I am truly saddened; but for some reason, I knew this was going to happen….

    David, all I can say is I wish you the best of luck; thanks for being the best 3DS news provider for the past four years!


  96. Thanks for the blog david. Ive followed you from pretty much the beginning and the stories, rumours, videos, reviews etc have been great. All the best for the future and when and Nintendo annouce a new console i expect to see your face pop up again.

  97. Nooooooo!

    Bye, David. I wish you good luck with your future ventures.

    Hey… Remember that one livestream where either you or your friend said “We’re only doing this to show off us eating pizza.” Lol, good times.

  98. Man I been following this blog since it pretty much first came out and to see it gone is kind of sad but your choice right and good job rasing $ 5000 I remember your videos were the thing that got me so pumped for a 3ds.
    I saved up my money for a whole year btw this is when I was 10-11 and by then I had enough money in Febuary that year then pre ordered it. I got the 3ds and I still have it today. Thanks for the news and etc I’m not that good at making it look fancy so this is my best.
    Thanks David :)

  99. Hey man!
    I’ve been reading this blog since the first post a long time ago. It’s unfortunate that you’re leaving and closing up shop ,but I’m happy that you’re moving on to bigger and better things. You have indeed done some great things and made the world just a little more awesome. Good luck with your further travels. You will be missed. Cheers mate.

  100. I was excited because of the news I received that the remake for ruby and sapphire (pokemon) are true and I wonder “what would David will say about this” then this is what I read. So disappointing, but in the end the decision is yours so I still wish you luck to your new ventures.

    P.S. David the way you tell these news is really entertaining and it could never really compare to a news that the regular game site make that is why even if I have heard the news and found it to be true I still check it in here because you say it in a very different way that is why this coming from you is really disappointing (-_-)

  101. Hey David,
    Just thought I’d say thanks for attempting to keep up the site as long as you did. I enjoyed coming here and reading your opinions on games and news and what you thought. It was inspiring and hopefully someday you’ll find that next step. :)

    If you do decide to do something with this or another blog; just remember that it’s separate from a news site. People come to a blog because they want your view and opinion of things. If they want news they go to a news site like Nintendolife. Even though you weren’t always up-to-date (you don’t have to be on a blog though to be honest) I enjoyed seeing you post something because you often gave an interesting insight that I hadn’t thought of (a new perspective).

    Good luck in future projects,

  102. I remember listening to 2 door cinema club no my paper round, playing mine craft all day and visiting your blog every 4 minutes to build the 3DS hype, the opening jingle and your Australian voice have me extremely nostalgic for 2011 and im gonna miss your videos and please inform us about anything new on Facebook or YouTube 😀 byeeeeee

  103. I came here via the youtube channel after liking your content before the 3ds launched. I instantly loved your content. Never did I find your posts rushed or in a bad quality. After you switched to disqus, this site evolved imo. Commenting to others as an active member were some of my favorite moments of the blog. Even when you removed disqus, stopped posting on the Wii U blog, and stopped posting frequently, I still came back every day. All I have to say is good job, David, you made a great blog that will always be remembered by me and countless others.

    Goodbye 3ds blog!

  104. Been reading since day one. It’s gonna be odd not going to the blog every morning, and I’m going to miss it. Good luck with whatever it is you will doing.

  105. Man! I was not expecting this at all. As I’ve been doing for the past 4 years, coming home and reading the blog. Only today I found out the fate of it. I’ve really enjoyed reading and supporting you David. It saddens me that you are leaving but I hope you have success in anything you decide to pursue! I will always be a supporter of you! You’ve given me some really good memories through the years. I hope your surgery went well and everything is ok! I’m going to miss your beanie wearing face! Take care my friend, and blessings to you!

  106. Man I’m gonna miss this blog. I checked it every single day. You are the reason I bought a 3ds lol. Peace

  107. David – thank you for all your time and amazing efforting! I’m not too much into blogs and such but I stumbled on yours 4 years ago and have to say that my purchases have all been more informed due to your updates ! I was able keep my son and nephew updated on all things 3DS because of you. I am a gameboy Afficionado and would love to see more blogs about this… Just a thought!

    Best of luck
    Buena surete

    South Texas

  108. I will miss this Blog, and well, it has been part of my bookmark on almost all my devices, 4 years…. I can’t believe it! Thank you for all!

  109. I hadn’t been on here for a long time since I didn’t have a 3DS anymore (stolen). I knew it would come down to this, it wasn’t going to go on forever. I have been here since before the original 3DS launched. I enjoyed coming back from school everyday, getting on your website bookmarked on my 3DS. YOU WERE THE REASON I BOUGHT IT. Nobody else came close to you in Nintendo 3DS news and rumors. Not even Nintendo themselves. Thank you so much for making my life so much better, David.

  110. Aww, that’s kinda sad… I have actually had this blog as my homepage almost since the start of the blog -and the blog was one of the major things that pushed me to get a 3DS! It’s sad to see it go, but all good things must come to an end… and i’m surprised it lasted as long as it did!

    Well, whether you see this or not, thanks for all that you have done, and I hope I get to see more of your stuff in the future!

    ~Farewell, 3DSBlog.
    It sure was fun.

  111. Hey, so I’m now becoming a senior in high school and I’ve been watching your videos and checking into the vlog at least once a month since the 8th grade. I can’t believe I’ve been following you for 4 years now. It felt like yesterday that I was an excited 13 y/o waiting for a price announcement for the 3DS. I’m almost a legal adult now. It’s been quite a while since then hasn’t it? Well David, I just wanted to say thank you for being a person who hyped me up for the first game console I ever saved up for and bought with my own money. And if you could just stay active for ONE more month to cover E3 news, that would really satisfy me and I think it would end this blog nicely.

  112. Well… this is the end. Darn, I feel like I’ve been here so long, this was my source for news for… years. This may seem a little late, but, I really don’t know what to say. So many years I was here and everyone else was here, and it feels sad this being the end. So many memories were made here, be it my first timd on the site, or that one time it was taken over by trolls. But hey, all good things must end eventually. I guess its hard to say goodbye to maybe just, the little things, the regular things, like the spot for this site on my Bookmarks section on my Wii U, and all this may seem childish, but its felt like a journey since my first time here, and now its gone. Thank you, David, for making this entire thing, though. You and everyone here throughout the years are going to stick with for a long time, and I thought I’d never see the day when all this ended and I had to put this down in writing for the last time. So, goodbye everyone. It’s been a great four years David.

  113. Ohboy, ive been following the n3dsblog since it started out and it sure was at the start when the 3ds was announced. Now i think of it, all the rumours about games coming to the 3ds etc, i saw that alot of games didnt release :c.
    Anyways good luck in future life, hope u get to something that you really love doing.

  114. I’ve been a fan of the Nintendo 3DS Blog since November 2010. I used to visit the blog everyday in late 2010, 2011, 2012, and early 2013. I would still visit the blog randomly after every Nintendo Direct to receive the latest news on the Nintendo 3DS. It’s sad to see it end.

    You did a great job handling the blog. I wish you the best on your future endeavors.

  115. I have to say, thank you. Thanks for your dedication to this blog and spend your time on it. (Sorry for my english I’ from Spain xP )
    Thank you fror everything ^^ It was such a pleasure to follow your blog, I’m gonna miss you but we can’t do anything, all I have to say is good luck on your way, I hope everything go ok for you.
    Un saludo desde España! 😀 Congratulations for all your work ^^

  116. Hey David,

    I was sad to read this recent post. I remember coming across this blog a few days after u started, and returning to it as the years went on. Thanks you for your 3DS efforts over the years. Good luck with the future!!!


  117. Good luck for the future, David!
    Ever since I discovered the blog, I visited it every day. You put so much personality into your posts, and that made it all the worthwhile. Your dedication has been incredible! Thank you for creating such a great community :) All the best.

  118. Just wanted to say thank you for all the coverage. I know it can be hard to run a website like this with so few resources and an unforgiving 24 hour news cycle, but you were there for a lot of it. This was the first site I would turn to for 3ds coverage.

    Thanks again,


  119. The end of an era. seems like there’s been alot of things i used to tune into from my early high school times such as this blog, but now everything is changing as i move on. guess you really cant make the world stand still. for better or worse, i guess. best of luck to you David, ill be sure to check out you other blogs and what not.

  120. have been here since the start and loved what you did but i guess all that i can say is, its been an honor reading your content. *solutes*

  121. David thank you for everything I have followed this blog since 2011 and I thought it was great thank you for putting your time in to this and the news was good the Nintendo E3 presentation will announce a new system and Thank you and you have a good life :) ITS CLOSING D:

    Good bye David From the 3DS new and until next time I will talk to you later. :(

  122. I don’t know if I have ever commented on a blog before but I wanted to take a moment to encourage you. I thoroughly enjoyed your blog and, to be honest, I bought my 3DS because of your initial passion for it a few years back. Thanks for taking the time and hope you keep up the great work!

  123. Man I was here from the start but all good things must come to an end. I`m going to miss this blog but I wish nothing but the best for you david. Good luck to you in this life.

  124. Dear David,

    It’s been a very long time indeed. I still remember everyday after school the first thing I would do is check your blog for news. I reminisce on the times I’d be so excited to find out rumors about the 3DS, and even just watch your vlogs about everyday life. I hope you realize that you’re an inspiration to many, including myself about becoming a writer. I also wish that someday you’d make a comeback. I’ve been following you since the beginning, and I’m glad to see you’re doing fine.

    Thank you.

  125. I’ve been following you David for the fours years, can’t believe time flies. But i enjoyed reading your blog for news of new games i had alot of fun and thank you for your work. I was sad to see your shutting down your blog, but good luck on your next projects and thanks again!

  126. Hi David!

    Not sure when I started reading your blog, but it might well have been around or slightly before the E3 during which Nintendo revealed the 3DS. It’s been an awesome time and I really want to thank you for providing the internet with the news and rumors we wanted.

    Just wondering though, why haven’t you put out a similar post for the wiiublog? I mean: after you changed it to Tumblr your productivity went up for a few weeks and then it stopped. Completely! Maybe it’s an idea to link that page to this page as well, I guess any visitors you still had already figured out it “died”, but I guess you can never be clear enough, right?

    *puts on Australian accent*aaand talk to you later!

  127. Wow… It’s sad to see you go David. I started going on the site 4 years ago near the end of that year. I just remember searching “3DS” on youtube and I saw a bunch of your videos on there and I hadn’t viewed one and I was like “WHO THE HECK IS THIS GUY SPAMMING YOUTUBE?? UGH!” But then I actually watched a video… and another… and another… then I went to the blog and I’ve been hooked since.

    My favorite moments were the pizza party before the launch. That was pretty fun and awesome. I’m glad you got to go to Japan and E3 as well and thankfully you left right before the Fukushima incident. I remember being extremely worried for you. Then the water charity… Oh who could forget! That was pretty amazing and I’m glad you had a good time over there.

    But my all-time favorite was the video where you first took off your beanie. I remember screaming like a little girl because I was so excited about it. I remember being the super excited 6th grader I was back then, checking the blog out every single day. I also was a member of the forums. Thanks for that as well.

    Anyways yeah I just wanted to say thank you for your hard work and dedication towards the 3ds and all of the ups and downs. But, as we all know, all good things come to an end. And unfortunately now is the time for you to end everything. Thank you. And good luck with your other projects as well. I’ll be sure to check them out. I hope you read this comment, and I wish you the absolute best of luck moving forward. Thanks again, and I guess I’ll talk to you later 😉

  128. Hi David and I guess, bye David! It has been an absolute pleasure to read your blog and I like so many others have followed you throughout the years. You were my number one source for all things 3ds and I will most certainly be reading your other blog as I enjoy your writing style very much.
    Thank you again,

  129. Been here since early 2011. Number one source for 3DS news was here for me. Thanks for everything and I will defiantly continue to follow your future projects. Thanks for everything again, been a blast.


  130. Thank you for everything, David. It’s been a blast, through all the ups and downs since 2011. I’m glad to have been a part of this, and I hope it was a good experience for you, like it was for everyone else here.

    Best of luck with everything, David. Truly appreciate everything you’ve done.

  131. DAVID ! i been following this site since before it was changed i would check this site on my xbox 360 , my laptop, my 3ds and my cell. I been following this thing since before 3ds man !, you are a cool dude ! , and i hope you can do youtube vids at least :) , you are a happy cool down to earth dude and i wish you the best and also much happiness :)

  132. David and other 3DSblog fans

    I need to be sentimental for a moment.

    It was sometime shortly after the E3 2010 hype when I searched for any information on the 3DS. I scrounged for sites that only had very obvious, overran news that I had seen on every site. Occasionally, I’d find a tidbit I never knew about, but it was mostly padded and safe or baseless and stupid. Then I finally found What I found in this site was a whole collection of dedicated 3DS information, with all of the information that I could have ever wanted, told by a real person who I connected with.

    From then on, became the number one site I went to when turning on a computer. Every day, there was something fresh to keep me coming back, even to the point of wondering how the author kept up with it all. Even Kotaku, which covers all game information, was something I’d put in the back seat in favor of What made this site work was that it felt like home. I felt like I knew David, and his articles reflected him. And David’s voice wasn’t like anyone else’s in gaming journalism: It wasn’t always snarky and sarcastic, wasn’t always straight forward and plain, and wasn’t even that opinionated most of the time. It was just like hearing a friend tell you about some news he heard, and that has more value to me than any other source of news.

    Seeing this site go is a little hard for me. I still come here out of shear habit and then sadly remember that it’s gone. I never commented much, but I wish I did now. I thought it would never end.

    Good luck to you, David. I feel like a friend who’s about to say good bye, but you don’t really know me, so I’m not sure what this is. Regardless, you’ve got the makings of someone who won’t just sit around and not doing great things yet again. Don’t go to waste on me.

    Your friend from somewhere across the pond,

    Haut D. Forme

    1. Thank you so much for the lovely words, man. And fear not. Many great things are coming in the future. This is only the beginning. :)

  133. Hey David, I’ve been watching your videos and reading your blogs since the beginning of the 3DS era, and wanted to say good job. I’ve been wanting to make an active website for awhile now, and wanted to know how you started yours. I don’t want to buy domains and everything without having any sucess.

    1. It’s something I considered but people often underestimate the work required and I didn’t want to risk the readers being disappointed for a second time if the new owner decided stopped updating it.

      1. We are already disappointed with the fact that you closed down the blog. How could we feel more let down than that? Just making a point, David, not trying to be mean.

        1. That’s fair enough. But I’d argue that it’d be a bigger let-down to get people excited for an improved blog only for it to lead nowhere a short while later. It’s something I thought about a lot. Not sure there was a perfect choice in either case.

          1. You’re a well-known man, David. I think you must have met a lot of good people while this blog lasted, lend it to a friend you actually trust. The 3DS is getting hot right now with all those announcements, and there is still a lot left. I miss seeing those announcements first in here, I really do.

          2. Sorry for the late reply. I definitely came into contact with great people while the blog lasted but, still, people underestimate how much work it take and I just preferred to take a relatively clean break from the blog. :)

  134. Hey thanks for your work running this blog. Just want to ask if you may have any recent news about Majora’s Mask coming out on 3ds? Wonder why Nintendo is sluggish or doesn’t see the earning potential of this magnificent game.

  135. Dave, I have to say thank you for such a great blog. This passed year I’ll admit I didn’t check it very often, but those first three years I was an active reader and loved the enthusiasm that was in this blog. Good luck to you sir in your future projects, I look forward to hearing from you and what great things you can do.

  136. Even though this news saddens me I understand your decision. I wish you luck in your future projects man.

    Giga Puddi, never forget…

  137. Hey Dave,

    I started checking out Nintendo3DSBlog right before the 3DS was released, and loved it and was checking it every day, great blog that had all the good new 3DS info (and other info) as well as a personable and funny moderator. Looking forward to your new projects.

  138. Thank you so much David for the news you given us for the past years you Are the only person I went to for Nintendo information I love your videos I wish you the best.

  139. Hey, just wanted to say I really appreciate all you’ve done in these last few years. I still remember when I first found your blog, and thought it was so awesome how you’d find so much interesting information to post (especially on Final Fantasy, Kingdom Hearts 3D, etc). Yours was the first blog I ever *actually* subscribed to of my own accord (and I’m not even joking!). You’re seriously amazing, David, and you put such a great (and fruitful) effort into this blog – you probably don’t anyways, but don’t feel bad or anything about closing this down – walk away from this PROUD! For years, you made my middle school (now high school :D) heart very excited, as I would come home and my first thing would be to check your blog for upcoming 3DS news.

    PS: Thanks for telling us about what’s going on…. some people wouldn’t let “others” know what’s happening in their lives, and that makes it hard for me to imagine the actual blogger. But, thank you for being so open and doing such an amazing job of running this site (and for so long, too!).


  140. Wow…this was a surprise. Made me feel a little sad, really.. You probably don’t remember me, but I’ve been following this blog since it’s beginnings, although I was rare to comment. I had faith in the 3DS, despite its lackluster launch, and I feel that news outlets like you did a lot to push the console forward and help it become the great handheld that it is today, so, for that, I thank you! See you around, David!

  141. Oh well, we all new this time had to come, however i guess we really didn’t want it to. I remember when i first discovered this blog back in 2010, it was when i first saw rumours about the 3ds in a london toy store, and i rushed to my DSi to find information on it, but i couldn’t find much, except for on this blog. As the launch for the 3ds drew nearer and nearer i remember i was checking this site every hour or so for new information, and even into 2013 you still had some good stuff, but i guess that all the real interesting news for the 3ds has dried up and now we just wait around for the next e3 for all nintendos new info, especially now that every other site covers news on it and the console wars have completely overshadowed anything remotely 3ds based. I always found it funny how there was so much hate for the 3ds “the 3ds will fail!”, “the 3ds is less powerful than the ps vita!” “ps vita will supersede and beat the 3ds in the portable console wars!” “the 3ds is just a gimmick! it’ll never take off! expected to fail! yada yada yada”. Who would have guessed that a year after it’s release that it would be super popular, and more common than the so called “predicted superior handheld”?
    I really think you should start up the wii u blog again, especially around e3, i have a feeling nintendo is going to announce some long awaited for titles, i really think you ought to cover them, even if it’s just for those 3 days.
    In 3 years time you might also want to cover nintendo’s next handheld console, that would be a cool idea i reckon.
    But enough sappy nostalgia rants, it’s sad to see this blog go but it’s time to move on i guess. Good luck in the future David, and i hope you cover nintendo’s next handheld as well :)

  142. Man, this blog was great in the good times, had so much activity, arguing, jokes, trolls, funny coments and everything, but all has a life cycle, like the other blog that I visited before this one, now I´m moving to espal3ds, anyways, greetings to everyone.

  143. wow, it makes me sad, david
    this is the 1st 3ds blog ive subscribed to and promised to look everyday
    this blog is like a daily newspaper to me….
    well, good bye David!
    1 question: if nintendo made a 3DS’s sucessor, will u make another blog too?

  144. Well, I was expecting this to happen sooner or later. The lifetime of sites like these are typically directly related to the lifetime of whatever it is they are reporting about. With all honestly, if you wish to continue the blog, your best option would be to broaden your scope from simply 3DS news to Nintendo Handheld Gaming news. This way, you are not limited to a topic with a limited life cycle (unless Nintendo discontinues their handheld business, which is unlikely.

    But, good luck to you.

  145. Thanks for all the info you gave over the years. Going miss it and seeing you on youtube.Godspeed with what ever you do

  146. I would like to say well done David. you have taken this blog so far and i can see that you have spent a lot of time and consideration on your decision and i truly do applaud you and respect your choice and i hope luck follows you on whatever path you may choose.

    P.S What surgery did you have and also i hope you have a speedy recovery

    -Farewell 3DS Blog

  147. Hi Dave, it’s sad that this has to happen eventually, but I’d like to say massive thanks for you and for the past couple of years. The blog was one of the best if not the best in curating news around 3DS, and one of the reason that convinced me to buy the console. I always came back to visit from time to time and catch up on things. But still, all good things must come to an end; though not the end of 3Ds. Hopefully we can see you do some reviews/articles about new games of sorts in the new blog. Until then good luck with the new web!!!

  148. Sup David! I haven’t commented on here in a long time but I still continued to visit your blog daily. I’m going to miss this blog but I understand that the 3DS has been out for a while and not much has been going on to report about. If you’re planning on making another blog for the next handheld then I look forward to seeing a another awesome blog! See you around David! Hope everything goes well for you in the future! 😀

  149. oh well you’ve had a good run, David. I’m sorry to hear about your medical issues and I’m sorry you also had to deal with the haters out there who criticized your blog. Even though there has been some quality issues and time constraints with the news, bottom line is you’ve done all your very best to bring and keep this blog alive and I applaud you for it. It’s through your blog I’ve made a few 3DS and Wii U friends, including you. And yes we can’t all please people. I know that for a fact cuz I’m a writer myself. I wish you all the best and God blesses you in your next adventure. Chris

    1. and yes the 3DS has been slow with news and there’s nothng but negativity about the WiiU. But I’m still confident in the console, especially with Mario Kart 8 and Smash Bros. I just hope they stop with the shovelware. They’re the ones hurting people’s trust in the WiiU’s potential.

      Anyway, with my final ranting asides, remain blessed, brother. :)

  150. I’m sad to see you stop writing about the Nintendo 3DS and Wii U ;( I hope you find something even better to do though! by the way, would you start talking about the Wii U if the sales go up? Mario Kart 8 seems to be selling really good. Also the Wii U seems to be selling more because of Mario Kart 8! anyways, best of luck to you.

  151. Thank you for providing so much 3DS information over the years, Mr. Turnbull. I hope your next projects go well, and aren’t too stressful on you! :)

  152. Hey David.

    You really have done an amazing job with the website. Also, I think that it’s awesome and noble of you that you used your online presence to help thoae in need get access to clean water.

    Also, I know it’s your website and you’re probably aware, but just in case it may have slipped your mind, I just wanted to say this. is still up. I’ve been wondering if you were going to take that down sometime too.

    Anyway, the main point is that you’ve done a great job, and I’m going to miss the way that you report 3DS and Wii U news. I wish you the very best in your future endeavors.

  153. Dude! I’ve been reading this site since literally the first article. I don’t think I’ve ever missed a post (obsessive, I know), and I’m really disappointed that your closing it down…i guess you gotta do what you gotta do. See you around!
    P.s.- is also a good source for Nintendo news.

  154. I’ve followed this website and the YouTube channel for 3 years. It was a good run David. I always perfered this blog over big news sites. Goodbye :(

  155. Man.. You stick with 3DS in the early days when People all around didn’t have any faith on 3DS.. Now look at 3DS.. Going strong with great games..

    Thanks man

  156. I remember waaaay back when this blog was full of people commenting on every post on the blog, and people trolling(Yes, including me.. sometimes XD)
    Too bad the blog went down :/


  157. Bye Nintendo 3DS Blog, I was a fan of this site since the beginning I remember coming everyday to see all the new games that were going to come out. You were a really good journalist, I introduced the site to many of my friends here in the U.S and they loved it, Thank you for the memories and best of luck!

  158. Thank you David. I have enjoyed your website/blog from the beginning. Your points are valid and respectable. Good luck on your future endeavors.

  159. I’ve been following you right from the start! I still remember the exciting days back in 2011, when we weren’t sure what the 3ds was going to be , it was so exciting when Sm3D land was released and mk7 a few months later .sad to see you close the blog, but I sure have enjoyed it while it lasted

    One request: don’t drop the trademark beanie or the ukulele !! Best of luck for the future projects

  160. Wow, this was the last thing I was expecting. I was just on your YouTube channel thinking “Where is this guy”. So I went on your blog and found this. I’ve been watching you since the start so it’s sad to see you go. Best of luck on your next project.

  161. David, can you please make a video about the unbelievably delayed Flipnote Studio 3D? It would be very helpful if you would encourage your subscribers to follow jery97 on Miiverse to help further the cause of the Flipnote Fighters.

  162. Better late than ever…
    I don’t know what exactly to say other than thank you. The blog and the channel was a major reason why I bought a 3DS to begin with. And when you do make another blog or news channel (you might have already, I just never knew about it) I’ll be sure to follow that as well.

  163. I’m sorry to hear this. To be honest I am really going to miss you…. This is going to sound stupid to a lot of people but going from 6th grade to 10grade now I hade a lot of problems coming in too high school (I’m in qubec canada so no middle school). One of my favorite things too do as come home and check too see if there was any news on what would soon become one of my favorite systems. You were the person who convinced me to buy a 3ds and I’m glad you did but it’s soo sad that your leaving because you were one of the only things that stayed the same through these past years, other than new cameras and the wii u it’s always been the same and I liked that. You say that you don’t want too drag us along but your not. We came to this blog and watched your videos because we wanted news fast and you even had some pretty good speculation. When you got so,etching wrong you apologized and made sure we all knew.

    Have you figured out what your doing with the channle yet? Are you even going too do anything with it? It’s been months and we all miss you, R.I.P to the blog. Thanks for the great time


  164. What about the New 3DS? There will be exclusive games and lost of speculation online before it comes out and there are great games like Smash, and Hyrule Warriors, and Monster Hunter that have lost of speculation around them. You can’t degrade yourself like that. C’mon man…

  165. Thank you for your passion and quality. I remember smiling when you finally took the beanie off and got me fired up with charity: water. You were the reason I was ahead of the game, and you were always a joy to watch. Keep being an awesome shining star of a person, and I wish you well on your new adventures. :)

  166. Long time fan here, knew something had to be up, when everything slowed down so drastically. Sad to see it go, but good to finally have some closure. Thanks David!

  167. David, I respect your decision, really I do. I feel though that a lot of people are mainly disappointed, including myself, that you didn’t at least say goodbye on the channel. I honestly feel that your videos were amazing, entertaining, and as informative as they could get. I’m going to miss your videos and your cool accent as I’m sure a lot of people will. Thank you for everything you’ve done and hopefully you come back to us one day. Until then, goodbye.

  168. I remember always watching you when I was younger. You truly were the go to site for 3ds news. I appreciate all of your effort. Thanks David.

  169. Accidentally came here when I booted my old computer and I had it automatically come to this page. It’s been about 5 and a half years since I first discovered this site. You were my introduction to YouTube and to the Internet in general, and it was a very comforting introduction. I could never afford a 3DS and I was always excited to come here and learn more about the 3DS through you. I’m glad to say I ended up buying a 3DS XL a few months after you ended this blog. Still miss ya.

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