Deviated Septum Surgery

The Deviated Septum Experience: Diagnosis, Surgery, Recovery, and FAQ

At the end of February, I noticed I couldn’t breathe properly through my left nostril. I went to an Ear, Nose, and Throat specialist and learned that, growing up, I’d broken my nose, resulting in a deviated septum. This is when the bone between your nostrils becomes crooked, restricting airflow. Many people have deviated septums but aren’t noticeably affected by them. I was one of the exceptions, with two doctors referring to the damage as severe.

To fix a deviated septum, surgery is required. I had this surgery in early April and, prior to that, had been searching for people’s experiences to get an idea of what to expect. I found some blog posts and YouTube videos, but nothing comprehensive, and that’s why I’m writing this post — to help people with deviated septums get an idea of what to expect from the process.

The post itself should answer most people’s questions but, if you have anything to ask, feel free to leave comments below.


There’s a lot of problems that can come from having a deviated septum but these are the most notable ones:

  • You become tired easily. It’s a source of that constant, sluggish feeling, and it’s especially noticeable when you’re doing anything physical. (My deviated septum now explains why I could sprint quickly but could never even begin to run a long distance.)
  • Your sense of taste and smell are diminished. I haven’t noticed big improvements in taste but smells are more intense than they’ve ever been. This is great for smelling the salty air by the beach. It’s not quite as great when a garbage truck drives by.
  • Your sleep suffers a lot. Without proper airflow, you’ll snore and suffer from sleep apnea, and you’ll wake up feeling groggy all of the time. You spend one third of your life sleeping and, if you don’t wake up refreshed, it’s going to wear you down.

(I’d argue that sleep is only one step down from water in things we need to survive so, if you’re sleeping poorly, that alone is worth the time and effort required of the surgery.)

The blocked nose that results from a deviated septum can also cause mouth breathing, which in itself comes with a range of nasty symptoms, from gingivitis to physically changing the shape of your face, as shown here:

Mouth Breathing Side Effects
These girls are twins. The right is a mouth breather.


Like I said before, deviated septums are common. Half-decent specialists will find them completely unremarkable and easy to diagnose. I saw two specialists and they both identified the problem in the same way:

  1. Seated me in a reclining chair.
  2. Sprayed a local anaesthetic into my nostrils. It ran down the back of my throat and tasted terrible.
  3. Shoved a camera into my nostrils to take a look around.

It’s a mildly uncomfortable process but nothing to be hesitant about. My eyes watered a little and the taste of the spray hung around for a while but there was no outright pain.

5 Things To Know About Pre-Surgery

Compared to most surgeries, there shouldn’t be much stress involved in this one. My friends and family were more worried than I was. There are a few things to keep in mind before heading into surgery though (most of which will be repeated by your doctor anyway):

  1. For two weeks prior, avoid anything that can thin the blood. This includes a range of medication, some non-prescription pain-killers, and garlic. (You’ll also have to avoid these things after surgery.)
  2. You’ll need to take 1–3 weeks off work to recover. You’ll probably feel fine after one week but, if you’re employed, try to get as much time off as possible. The extra rest will help.
  3. Buy a Neti Pot. These are useful for anyone’s health but you’ll be needing it to clear out mucus and dried blood from your nose. They’re gross to use but wondefully satisfying.
  4. Stock up your fridge with stuff to eat. I found softer foods like yoghurt easier to handle. Moving my mouth too much hurt my nose so solid foods were more difficult to manage.
  5. Prepare for boredom. You can’t do a whole lot after surgery so podcasts, movies, and any other passive entertainment will make the time pass a little faster.

Your nose will also feel extremely blocked for the first week after surgery, resulting in some hardcore mouth breathing while you sleep. This will cause a painful sore throat, so any sore throat remedies will be a worthwhile addition to your arsenal. Personally, I’ve found Olive Leaf Oral Spray to be very effective.

10 Things To Know About Post-Surgery

There’s not much to say about the surgery itself. I went to the hospital, put on a gown, lay in a bed, was wheeled into the surgery room, and the anaesthetist put me to sleep in a second. I woke up cold and with foggy thoughts but the nurses put extra blankets on me and I soon came back to my senses.

The interesting thing happen once the surgery’s over, so keep in mind that:

  1. Your throat will be sore. Immediately after the surgery, this is because of the anaesthetic. You will, however, be allowed to take mild pain killers.
  2. You can stay overnight at the hospital. This costs more but I found it comforting to know that nurses were nearby. I didn’t need any of their help in the end though.
  3. Your nose will bleed. Don’t be alarmed. It’s normal. Have an ice pack handy and place it below your nose to stop the blood from flowing. If it keeps bleeding for minutes at a time, call your doctor.
  4. You’ll have foam packing in your nostrils. This will help absorb some blood immediately after the surgery and is usually removed within 12–48 hours. You’ll feel some relief once the packing is out.
  5. You might have plastic splints in your nostrils. These help the septum heal properly. If present, they’ll be removed after one week and, once they’re removed, your breathing will feel incredible straight away.
  6. Your sleep will suck. To solve this, I forced myself to remain awake for as long as possible so I was simply exhausted when it came time to sleep. Keep your head elevated with a couple of pillows while sleeping.
  7. Showering is tricky. You shouldn’t get warm water on your head since that’ll stimulate blood flow (and we don’t want more blood out of our nose). Either have cold showers or just wash your body.
  8. Nasal sprays will provide mild relief. The doctor may provide one of these. It’s not much but a saline, non-medicated spray can make breathing a little easier during the first week.
  9. Neti Pots will provide the most relief. I didn’t feel comfortable using one for the first week but, once my splints were out, using the Neti Pot cleared out a ton of gunk and never fails to improve my breathing.
  10. Headaches are inevitable. I had a few myself and they were terrible. I wish I had comforting words to offer but, for as long as I felt the pain, all I did was fantasise about being fully recovered.
  11. Painkillers are your friend. I was taking the maximum dosage allowed — eight per day — and, while they didn’t clear up all of the pain, they helped keep me sane. Just don’t take ones that thin the blood.

But if all of this sounds scary, fear not. Everyone recovers differently and, based on what I’ve read, plenty of people have had easier recoveries than I did. And, either way, the struggles were well worth it.

Tracking My Sleep Quality with SleepCycle

In the weeks leading up to surgery, I downloaded SleepCycle on my iPhone to track the quality of my sleep. After a week’s worth of tracking, my sleep quality bounced between 50–70% on average (with a peak of just under 80%). Is this data incredibly accurate? I’m not sure but it doesn’t matter because I wasn’t worried about absolute data. I only cared about whether or not the numbers were higher after the surgery.

Here’s the chart for the days I tracked:

SleepCycle Results

So you can see there was a big difference after surgery (and specifically, after getting the splints out). I went from not scoring above 80% to scoring 90% on my first night of post-surgery tracking, then 94% the night after. This meant:

  • I was falling to sleep quicker.
  • I was waking up less frequently.
  • I slept for longer overall.

Also, for the first time in my life, I was able to sleep on my back in perfect comfort. Previously, I could only sleep in very precise positions. I didn’t even “get” how people slept in other ways. (Now I just need to do some research in what’s actually the best way to sleep.)


It’s been a month since surgery and, although it can take months to feel the full effects, I feel capable of answering the most important question:

“Was the surgery worth it?”

And my answer is simply, “Yes.” Absolutely, positively, yes. It’s one of the best decisions I’ve made in recent memory and, if your breathing is affected by a deviated septum, I can easily recommend the surgery.

The first week of recovery had a few low-points but, since then, I’m breathing better, sleeping better, and smelling better, and the differences are dramatic. This wasn’t an incremental improvement. This was a big change in a short period of time that will surely have long-lasting effects. I have no regrets.

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  1. Although I don’t think I have a deviated-septum still interesting to read :)
    Glad that it helped you

    1. Just had a septoplasty and endoscopic bilateral sinus widening.. Came here to see about the completely blocked nose after surgery.. Guess it common, not easy to swallow. Other than that, my pain is minimal (8 hours after surgery) and I’m at home playing video games.. Yew!

      1. Did septoplasty about 2 months ago and im fully recovered but the thing is still when i touch the nose from inside i can feel that its deviated and looks the same. Its blocking and now it hard to breathe sometime. I dont want to run the same procedure again and i dont know whats happening. Whats your recommendation?

        1. I am 16 and had a rhinoplasty and septoplasty reco on December 11th 2014. It has been 7 months. The end of my nose is still a little numb. I am struggling to breathe (in fact I breathe worse now than I have ever before) Doc said my nose was very smashed up, a 2 and 1/2 hour surgery. I am booked for another surgery around December this year for Turbanite recduction, to create more flow between my nostrils. I’m on a nasal spray called Mometasone Furoate to shrink my turbanites so I can have a better air flow. I can’t play football anymore, or waterpolo. It really effecetd me emotionally with being so over and upset about not being able to breathe better. I couldn’t field a softball on the ground for about a year, due to the thought of it bouncing off my glove into my nose. First day back at school after holidays, and got hit in the bloody nose with a book that my friend threw, cutting my nose. Bloody hurt, 7 months on and scream and cry when it gets hit

    2. I had a septoplasty and endoscopic bilateral sinus surgery done 6 days ago. It is done under general since they are working so close to your brain and eyes. My packing was removed shortly after I woke up but the stents were to remain in place for two weeks.

      The Tylenol 3’s help, but watch out for the constipation. There is tons of congestion and pressure that you really can’t get away from and sleeping really sucks. Eating is tough and I would suggest some foods or liquids.

      Unfortunately for me, on day 4 one of my stents came out and got stuck in my throat causing me to throw it up with a bunch of blood two days later. My surgeon said the stents falling out is not uncommon and not an issue but, in 20 years, he has never seen one get lodged in a patients throat (lucky me). The best part was he took out the other stent making breathing so much better.

      Now I am on the Neti sinus rinse for the next few weeks, which does work great. You definitely have to be careful of your nose when touching and blowing it so that the septum doesn’t get displaced. I need a few more weeks to see the effects but found the surgery and recovery to be so far tolerable and worth it.

    3. Not sure to ask this, but I had Septoplasty, Bilateral Turbinectomy, and Maxillary Antrostomy two months ago. At my two week check up my doctor gave me a tool that I am to use 3-4 times a day for the next 3-5 MONTHS!! This tool is placed inside my nostril and when squozen it expands my nostril. My doctor claims this is normal but I have never heard of it before and am beginning to wonder if he isn’t telling me something. Anyone have any ideas?

    4. had the surgery 9 days ago, and wonderd if all these miserable symptoms were common. your post was spot on and makes me feel better to know symptoms will decrease eventually.

    5. My brother in law just had his nose done 2-1-2016 he has the packing taken out on 2-3-2016 he suffered the first night he said he can not wait until tommorr. I live with him and I was afraid to fall asleep,I can not wait to see what the Doctor has to tell him. Thank you I enjoyed reading this to him, again Thank you.

  2. I have a sigmoid shaped deviated septum, snore, etc. and turbinates in my right nostril, so one side of my nose is often congested. I’ve been told that I should have the same surgery that you had.

    I was basically warned that it was very painful, especially during recovery, and, as an “optional” surgery, that pretty much put me off doing it was a 42 year old guy. How bad did you really find the recovery to be? How painful was the procedure day of, etc? Was it done under a local or a general? (The former can make it a bit psychologically distressing as you’re awake and listening to them working away!)

    1. Honestly, the pain was never more than uncomfortable for me. I was under a general anaesthetic during surgery itself and, during recovery, the pain killers I was taking meant I just felt like I had a bad flu — blocked nose, headache, etc. Maybe go into the surgery expecting it to be rough but I’m extremely glad I got the surgery and it’s only a week after surgery that’s particularly rough. Once I had the splints removed from my nose, it was just a matter of getting plenty of rest and cleaning out my nose regularly.

      1. Thanks for this site. I had a septoplasty and turbinate reduction surgery about 3 weeks ago. I can still only breathe through one side at a time — ie. depending on whether head is tilted to the left or right. One side is always stuffed up and i was only ever really clear in both nostrils after an Advilfor sinus and colds. My sleep was amazing –until the effects of the medication wore off..
        I’m super tired and fatigued and have jaw tension issues.
        I guess I’m wondering if this normal?
        I have a follow-up with my ENT specialist in about a week and a half.
        Thanks so much.

    2. Just thought I would put my two pennies worth in – literally had this surgery less than 24 hours ago so can’t comment on much more than that. My nose itself hasn’t been painful. I had a headache and a little sinus type pressure (I have dissovable packing up there rather than removable – I’m in the UK. And I have no splints.) I took painkillers twice after surgery and have woken up this morning and not taken any throughout the night or yet since waking. Though I probably will shortly because I’ve got to clean it soon which may unsettle things and be a bit painful. Mine was done under general. No black eyes or bruising. My nose is a little swollen and is supposed to continue to puff up in the next day or so. I slept awfully just because I’m not used to being propped up. But I imagine I feel ok again in a week or so. The nurses emphasised the importance of avoiding social spaces and people for up to two weeks to reduce risk of infection because that usually results in constant nose bleeds which we obviously don’t want!

      Hope if you’ve had it it went well and if not you do consider it.

      And thanks very much for the original post!

      1. I am also 36 hours post op and wondered if I can clean the crusty blood away from the sides (not centre where the septum is) to try and establish a bit of an airway? My throat is very sore from mouth breathing & almost clogged up to the point of nearly not being able to breathe through my mouth & keep having to cough etc to try & clear my throat! I would like to get through this to feel hone benefits as I know that it’ll be well worth it in the end! Any advice would be gratefully received :-)

    3. I just had that same surgery two days ago (which explains why I’m home and not at school) but the pain makes me want to do this to my nose: (ノಠ ∩ಠ)ノ彡( \o°o)\
      I’m twelve, not 42, so I can’t really say it’s the same, but yeah, it hurts. But you know what? It’s either a little bit of pain now or a lifetime of OH GOD WHY NOSE WHY MUST YOU DO THIS TO ME later. Also– chocolate pudding.

    4. Hey Al. I’m a 16 year old Aussie and had a rihnoplaty and septoplasty 11th Dec 2014. The surgery you’re completely knocked out. I’m not going to lie recovery is pretty shitty! It isn’t sore, there’s no sharp knife pain, it’s just VERY throbbing like. And you’re face feels very heavy! Moving is difficult, you walk VERY slow at first, I’ts like having a bowling ball on your face. The nose is very sensitive! Don’t try scrunching up your nose at the beginning. Personally my surgery didn’t work, it made it worse. But many others have had great experiences. I’m booked in for another surgery this year (yay -.-) Feel free to ask more questions, I knew nothing about it either

    5. I just had it done four days ago and already feel so much better. It was not painful, I did take pain pills, and I am so delighted despite it just being a few days. Really the pain was hardly anything. Be brave and do it!

      1. Hi Judyann! I just got a call yesterday from the hospital to say I’m going in to have my diviated septum fixed next Thursday the 4th February. My biggest fear is not being able to breath through my both nostrils as not breathing through one is driving me insane. For years I’ve had to sleep on my left side as in any other position both my nostrils close and I panic. I’m in real fear off taking panic attacks after surgery, as it’s been a few years since my last bad one. I quit smoking 3 days ago it’s hard but I know it’s better for me as I’ll be getting an anisetic. Hopefully the operation helps me stay off them for good. I’m 57 and I’ve smoked over 40 years. My other fear is that I live with my Mum and look after her, well mostly just her cooking and washing and cleaning the house. But she’s a heavy smoker and I know it’s gonna be bad for my healing berating her smoke in all day long. Even staying in my bedroom the smoke still comes upstairs. How soon after the op can I leave the house and drive. I also have to do school runs for my grandchildren and mind them in there home for 5 days on the 10th. That’s 6 days after my op. I just pray I’ll be fit enough as my daughter and her partner have had this wee holiday booked from last year.
        Oh I’m actually get 2 ops together. Having my vocal cords scraped as well. So another fear is breathing through my mouth with a really painful throat as well.
        I am really terrified and feel like I need a smoke right now but I’m so afraid! What should I do? Please help! Angela xxx

        1. Hi Angela.
          I also 57 and had my surgery on Jan. 15, so it has been 2 weeks. I don’t think that you will be in good enough shape or have enough energy to babysit on day 6. Another thing that I would be concerned about is you possibly picking up a cold or bug from your grandkids.
          This surgery is a huge energy zapper–you really need to take care of yourself.

        2. I had this done two days ago along with a tonsillectomy. Take the pain meds. Sip on warm liquid to mister your throat. Nap as you can and find some good TV. I have stents and no packing and I also started wringing with a neti pot this AM. Currently I’m very congested and my throat hurts but I hear it will be worth it in the end.

    6. I am in my late 50s and have had over 50 surgeries, the reason I am telling you that is so you can see that I am no stranger to surgeries or pain. I had my deviated septum surgery 5 days ago and you couldn’t pay me to have it again. I have a lump on my nose and have often thought of having a rhinoplasty but a million dollars wouldn’t get me to have anything done again. The tubes are out and there is still too much crud up there to breathe through my nose yet. I could loose a lot of weight this way, I have very little appetite and then only for soft things. No sense of smell either, not sure when that comes back. Don’t give up though everyone is different.

    7. Hey! I’m 14 and I had the surgery. When you first get the surgery you won’t be in pain it’s more of discomfort. The splints in your nose will make it VERY hard to breath, and the mucus will go down your throat. You would have the splints in for 6-7 days… I am only on my 4th day and I am going crazy! I can not breathe to save my life! You will also get no sleep, it is very hard.

  3. I sure i might have a deviated septum. In my right nostril i have perfect airflow, then on my left barely any at all. My sleep has been pretty horrible in the last 5 years or so. I’ll try to see my doctor soon so i can discuss this with him and she what he thinks.

    1. I had the exact same problem. I had extremely limited air clue through my left nostril. Went to the ENT and not only did I have a severe deviated septum, I had nasal polyps and an extra hole in my turbinate. Pleas for your own sanity get your nose checked by an ENT!

      1. Hi Karen,

        I’m in NY and am scheduled for surgery for the exact same issues. A deviated septum and polyps. Did you have the surgery? How are you feeling? Difference in breathing?

  4. Wow my Mom just had surgery for her deviated septum back in March due to constant headaches and migraines. She seems to be doing much better now-glad you’re feeling better too. ^_^

    1. I got my surgery about two weeks ago. I’ve had sinus pressure for the past 8 months and then had the surgery and still have slight sinus pressure. Once she got the surgery, how long did it take for the headaches to go away?

  5. I wonder if I have this, I remember when I was really young, about three or four, one of our family friend’s son head butted me right on the top of the bridge of my nose, and I’ve also received many balls from different sports hit the exact place (must be a magnet for impact or something haha) which has made my nose sort of crooked, kinda like a Roman nose. My sense of smell has never been great though every once in a while it does temporarily strengthen.

    What I do have though, is a crossbite and my top jaw being smaller than it should, which means I am going through surgery next year or the year after which will break down my entire jaw and reconstruct it… YAY… though if I have to be honest… kinda excited for the surgery hehe

  6. Yeahp I had the same kind of op in 2010. Adenoids taken out too, as well as my turbinates shaved. I remember the bandage started smelling like bacon after they took the gauze out.

  7. Hi! I am having my septum straightened in the next few months and I am freaking out after watching some YouTube videos. I am not having anything with my sinuses or turbinates touched (not sure if you did OR the people on YouTube) but seeing the clogging and getting that out seems painful and terrifying! Basically she is just straightening my septum… I do not have any issues breathing.

    My DOC said I would have splints in after surgery for a week the she was remove them. Shee said I would feel a bit stuffy from those. She did not mention HUGE piles of blood and mucous coming out OR having to clean those afterwards.

    Any thoughts?

    1. Don’t worry– well, only a bit. It’s gonna hurt a bit but you do get painkillers which help a lot. And there’s also the bonus that, because you can only eat goopy liquids and other liquids, you have a perfect excuse for binge-eating chocolate pudding. So that’s good.

    2. I have just had Septum surgery less than 5 hours ago. I have no Splints n no packing (which I chose Not to, now wishing I would’ve) I woke up in no pain. NONE..i do have bleeding, (more on right side, cause my right side was totally blocked) Quit a bit BUT not pouring n gushing out blood…I did take a pain pill to sleep & head is elevated..I was also worried BUT if I had to do it again today I would..As of right now I can breathe alittle already outside of my right side of nose..My ENT specialist says I can go back to work Mon with no Limitation.. Everyone is different, BUT I would Def do again…

      1. Hi there, I’m having mone done on the 21st of Jan 2016, I’m a bit worried, you are the 1st person that mentions no packing, my consultant Mr Bellini, is using no packing aswell, I was relieved about this. He also mentioned closed surgery which means he does it without cutting and opening the nose. x

        1. Hi. How did your surgery go? I’m going in tomorrow for this surgery. 1/25/16.
          Hope it went well. I’m having it done in Mount Sinai Hospital in New York.

          1. Hi Claudia. How are you? I’m going I for mine on the 4th February. I’m terrified. It’s getting done on the NHS in Belfast. I’m also getting my vocal cords scraped at the same time. I know the consultant, Mr Primrose is an excellent surgeon. But I’m still terrified
            Here is a message that explains the rest. I’d sent it to someone else and copied it.
            . Hi Judyann! I just got a call yesterday from the hospital to say I’m going in to have my diviated septum fixed next Thursday the 4th February. My biggest fear is not being able to breath through my both nostrils as not breathing through one is driving me insane. For years I’ve had to sleep on my left side as in any other position both my nostrils close and I panic. I’m in real fear off taking panic attacks after surgery, as it’s been a few years since my last bad one. I quit smoking 3 days ago it’s hard but I know it’s better for me as I’ll be getting an anisetic. Hopefully the operation helps me stay off them for good. I’m 57 and I’ve smoked over 40 years. My other fear is that I live with my Mum and look after her, well mostly just her cooking and washing and cleaning the house. But she’s a heavy smoker and I know it’s gonna be bad for my healing berating her smoke in all day long. Even staying in my bedroom the smoke still comes upstairs. How soon after the op can I leave the house and drive. I also have to do school runs for my grandchildren and mind them in there home for 5 days on the 10th. That’s 6 days after my op. I just pray I’ll be fit enough as my daughter and her partner have had this wee holiday booked from last year.
            Oh I’m actually get 2 ops together. Having my vocal cords scraped as well. So another fear is breathing through my mouth with a really painful throat as well.
            I am really terrified and feel like I need a smoke right now but I’m so afraid! What should I do? Please help! Angela xxx

  8. THANKS for the info! You are right in that it is hard to find factual experienced REAL info. I’ve suffered from sleep apnea for years…always tired, can’t use a bipap or a cpap. I know the ENT will tell me I need the surgery. If I can get him to agree to keep me overnight and let me leave with pain meds…. I might consider it. (I’m a wus). Thank you so much!

    1. Glad this info was useful, Eve. At the very least, you shouldn’t have trouble with getting enough pain meds. They gave me mild stuff but I was allowed to take eight tablets a day, and that was enough to keep me feeling decent. :)

  9. Feel much better from reading your story I have my op in 2 weeks and struggling to breathe or swallow I loo forward to a normal life!!

  10. I was told today that I will need the surgery to straighten out my deviated septum. Sleep apnea and snore very loudly. I’m so scared and reading some of what you say has, calm me somewhat. But I don’t like pain. I am definitely chicken. Thanks again for the breakdown of the EVENT… lol.

  11. Hi what kind of operation was? Broke ur nose or just cut a some part inside? Im mouth breathing since 8-9 years, i noticed some changes in my face shape, like droopy and i thought of some diseases. But also i thought could ne the not enough oxygen supply in brain due to mouthbr. My nose is not straight and the doc said i need operation.

  12. Reading your comments are both very interesting and Similar. I am 3 weeks post septorhinoplasty and for me it’s been awful. I have probably had the worst time of things. To me my septum still looks deviated. My GP also agreed slightly but have to wait 3
    Months for the swelling to reduce. I still have bruising, numb front teeth. Painfull jaws, painful nose, pins and needles in face, no sense of taste or smell and I still can’t breathe from my
    Right nostril which is the side im sure
    Is still deviated. At thr moment I’m feeling very low, and can’t see the positive side of my surgery as yet.

    1. Hey Lisa. I’m thinking about doing the surgery. Is your breathing any better now that it has been a couple months? Was it worth it? Any negative side effects or feelings? Jonny~

    2. I am two weeks out. I had deviated septum, turbinate reduction and something else. I am tired have headaches and can barely taste. I was packed so much they hit my tear duct and my eye watered for five days. All my top teeth ached for four days like throbbing tooth ache I have barely any Snell or taste. The pain i felt was just about unbearable. My friend told me in another week or two im going to blow a super snot and then i will feel amazing. I hope this is true. I am keeping my eye on the prize !

  13. Did you have any other symptoms besides difficulties breathing?

    I have constant nasal congestion which is apparently caused by severly deviated septum according to an ENT doctor I visited recently. My nose gets full very quickly (especially left nostril), it’s difficult to blow my nose, and even if I manage to clear it out, it gets blocked again after a couple of minutes. It doesn’t help that I’m allergic but I take meds for that so it shouldn’t affect me this much.

    I also need to clear my throat and cough often because nasty stuff runs from my nose to the back of my throat. I really need this procedure done.

    1. I have the same horrible congestion and post nasal drip as someone else mentioned. It’s been Constant for the past year or two and I am constantly trying to cough up phlegm. Can I expect that the congestion will go away after sugery?

  14. IM 15 years old and I have a deviated septum. I just went to the doctor and I have a surgery in the next two weeks. I am so scared I didn’t relies what happens during the surgery, until I saw YouTube videos. (a nose had a incision on the side and then a plier type tool twisted and broke pieces of the cartilage. what wasn’t told to me was a chisel and mallet being also used to break away bone) :( :( :;(
    what am I to aspect don’t sugar coat it plz….

    1. During the surgery itself, expect nothing. You’ll be completely asleep. Recovery can be uncomfortable but there’s no need to fear. Just prepare to need a lot of rest afterward. :)

    2. Hi Bryan! Well how did it go love. Please tell me the truth. I watched the videos too and I’m terrified. But I’m 57 and had 4 other operations so in not afraid off pain. It’s the not berating that’s making me panic.

  15. Thanks for the article. I have just did mine (yesterday), and your article comforts me as far the pain and others. I breath with my mouth and i cannot wait to breath normally and feel like everybody.
    Thanks again!!!

  16. I just had my surgery yesterday. I can’t taste or smell. Which I’m concerned about….it’s very uncomfortable but I’m hoping the pain gets better. Sleeping Upright is not comfortable at all. Also being severely congested is not fun either.

  17. I had the operation for my deviated septum a year ago. Just saw my Doctor who performed the procedure because I’ve been having the same problems sleeping that had before the surgery. The problem of having one side of my nostril close off as I lay on side of my face and vice-versa. He looks up my nostrils and tells me that my septum looks great and what I’m experiencing is a blood flow issue and there is nothing he can do about it. I just have to live with it. Are you kidding me!? I’m almost back to where I started! What I’m I supposed to do now!?

    1. Chris, can you explain your sleep issues? I wake up suddenly feeling like I can’t breathe several times a night. It’s been affecting me for three years now. I was just told I have a deviated septum. I’m afraid to go through the surgery if it won’t fix the problem.

      1. Hi Patty. Did you have the operation love??
        . I get that stopping breathing for years now. Frightens the life out off me. I was told the surgery will stop it. My opp is next Thursday. I’m terrified but if it helps me breath better it will be worth it.

  18. Thanks for your article. I am having surgery on 11/24 and a little scared but, hoping it will be worth it. My blockage is almost 100%. Tired of sinus infections all the time.

  19. Extremely helpful. I had severely deviated septum. Stayed overnight in hospital. And was good to go the next day. But Surgeon should have prepared me better as to post op situation. It’s day 6 now. All went well with op but I’m not going to be up and running for at least another week or so. I thought after 2 days it would be work as usual.

  20. Had septoplasty done 5 days ago. The worst part was the jaw & neck pain & headache from the anesthesia during surgery. The nose area hasn’t been painful – just a LOT of pressure which was mostly relieved when they removed the splints 3 days after surgery. The major deviation was left side – that is wonderful at this point. Also corrected a problem near the tip of my nose with bent cartilage on the right side – that still has a few stitches that will dissolve in time. Pain meds for first 3 days really helped. Sense of smell & taste are starting to return. Assistant said that inflammation is affecting that. Taking anti-inflammatories & trying to keep nose cavities clean. Tissues hurt – using gauze instead – followed by bacitracin (not neosporin, as some are allergic). Will be getting a Netti Pot as David suggests – want to be as gentle as possible with those stitches. There have been a few moments of absolute heaven – I didn’t know breathing was supposed to be this easy. I have a feeling this is going to be wonderful very soon. Faith.

  21. I had this surgery about 3 1/2 years ago as I had been suffering sinus infections for years, causing me to be on antibiotics often. I was scared of the surgery and put it off. Then once I finally scheduled it I read some posts that scared me so much I almost jumped off the operating room table when they were getting to put me out as I changed my mind. Luckily, a very nice nurse calmed me and I had the surgery. It was a little more painful than I thought but the pain meds helped. I was worried about not being able to breathe but not as bad as I thought. I am SO happy I had this surgery. I did not realize how bad I felt all the time and how it not only affected my quality of life but my family as well as the kids were used to me feeling crappy and not available for things. I have not had a sinus infection since the surgery and have such a better life now. I highly recommend this surgery!!

  22. 2 weeks since my surgery (deviated septum, sinus scar tissue, polyps). Recovery was painless, used a netti pot and the right side unloaded tons of gunk. The left side still seems to be holding onto some stuff so waiting for that to drop. Still find myself getting tired easily but nothing like the first 5 days. My only problem is at night when I go to bed, if I lay on my side at all, I experience congestion and almost an allergic reaction (itchy throat and runny nose). Swapped out pillow and changed sheets several times over the 2 weeks but it still bothers me. anyone else have issues with sleeping on their side or something similar?

  23. I have a deviated septum and it really affects my confidence when it comes to people looking at my side because it has created a bump at my bridge area. However, as someone who cares a lot about how I look, I wanted to know if the surgery drastically changes the look of your nose?

    1. No. Deviated septum surgery (a “septoplasty”) is not a cosmetic surgery. To change the look of you nose, look into getting a “rhinoplasty”. (You can get both surgeries at once if you have breathing trouble though.)

        1. It doesn’t.

          A rhinoplasty will change the shape of your nose. A septoplasty won’t change the shape of your nose.

  24. Hey,

    Thanks for the article. I just had the same surgery, as well as the sinus one, done yesterday. Your notes are very spot on. I’m nervous though about a couple things. I didn’t realize that the recovery would take so long and would be as painful as it is (definitely very similar to Flu-like symptoms). I have finals this week and I’m very nervous. What do you think I should do? Should I try contacting my teachers and see if I can change anything? I’m just not sure at this point and I’m getting more and more worried. I thought that since it was just my nose that it wouldn’t be so bad and that I would feel back to normal pretty quickly, though I know now that’s wrong.

    Also, what are the chances of the splints in your nose to accidentally move? My left one feels weird and I’m nervous something may have happened while I was resting. Yet, it could also just be normal pain. This is my first surgery so everything is very new to me. How can you tell if something is wrong with the splints? Are they easy to mess up? Should I call my doctor?

    You have no idea how much this has helped me!
    -Annie Dahlin

      1. Hello as a younger kid with a deviated septem i am terrified for surgery. Im more scared or the aftermath then the prosesss but like every kid im scared i will feel it. Some sore questions and comments…
        1) do the splints hurt?
        2) I am someone who cant sleep with my head proped up so do you have and suggestions?
        3) In the first place i cant sleep so do you think it is better to get sleep or if i stay up will i have worse pain
        4) any suggestions on movies because i do not relax easy
        Lastly my nose points out in the center was yours like that and did it change after….please contact me asap even though i get this surgery in 3 to 5 years i still want answers….my nose bleeds very long the longest 45 minutes at the most random times and had it cortirized 4 times on my left side(my bad side) and twice on my right side again please contact me :)

  25. Great info! I had my ‘significantly’ deviated septum fixed 12 days ago. Things are going well and it’s great to hear they will be better than ever eventually!

  26. Thanks for this info. Just had septoplasty done 2 days ago and I concur with the whole sleep thing.. I wake up every few hours because breathing out of my mouth 100% and having to use 3+ pillows is abnormal for me. The part that helped me was the whole shower thing. I was worried about having a shower and my doc is gone for the holidays so I cant even phone his office for advice. I think he talked to me after the surgery but I was still coming out of the anesthetic it feels like a dream.

    Totally looking forward to breathing out of the left side of my nose and my crooked nose seems to only be crooked at the middle now and straightens back out at the end. Might just be the swelling but none the less I did this for breathing, not for fashion.

  27. Great information, helps my nerves abit as im getting this done in less then a month, i am a mouth breather and have a deviated septum, enlarged turbunates, an air pocket in my upper turbunate, hole in septum(not a druggo) i am getting septoplasty and rhinoplasty at the same time do you know if there will be much difference in recovery

  28. david…
    I’m having same problem in my both sides of the nose should I proceed for surgery of both sides at once what do you think ?or it’ll hurt alot so I should do it one by one

  29. I had a septoplasty and turbinate reduction performed 8 days ago, because of inability to sleep in other than one position, obstructive sleep apnea (and getting stuffy every night at about 2 AM), oxygen deprivation; and restricted ability to breathe only through nose–with any exertion. Had splints removed today. Experience very similar to others: could not breathe well through splints, ibuprofen was sufficient for limited post-op pain and discomfort; dry mouth soothing products only alleviated mouth-breathing sleeping sore throat for brief periods; while splints were in. Splint removal was painless, with a little “pulling” as one stitch was cut in each nostril. Doctor vacuumed nostrils, advised continued saline use, and gentle blowing, for a few weeks. Easier breathing was immediate–and exhilarating! Realized that most of swelling and nasal discomfort was due to recovery and splints. Swelling and discomfort mostly gone. Nose is a little runny, but mostly clear. Definitely glad that I had it done. Memories of a few days of minor suffering will fade, after years of restricted breathing–and enjoying new “breath of fresh air!”

  30. I am having septoplasty tomorrow. Your article provided lots of good information for me. I am not so much concerned about the pain, but I tend to be somewhat claustrophobic, so I am more worried about feeling a bit panicked by having my nose completely stopped up. I think I can deal with the other issues without too many problems. I just don’t want to have a full-blown panic attack when I wake up from anesthesia.

    1. Murphey, I have a severe, almost 100% deviation blocking the left side. The past few years it seems to have gotten worse and I know it is time to get it fixed so that I can breathe. I, like you have the panic attack on my mind. I can withstand any pain, just worried about the breathing through the mouth for a day or two. I am having mine done in February. I am trying to convince myself that it will be like having a severe cold or flu which lasts that long or more and completely blocks off the nose. I am a smoker, so I obtained a rescue inhaler so that my lungs are completely open and hopefully that will ease the panic and tight chest. Best of luck.

      1. I am two days out from having the septoplasty and turbinate reduction, and I survived. The anxiety that I had over feeling claustrophobic and having a panic attack was actually nothing to worry about. The pain is a bit more than I anticipated, but I know it will ease up soon. Unfortunately, I ended up with mouth ulcers, and that’s not at all comfortable. The splints and packing will come out in 4 more days, and that will help. This has just slowed me down a little more than I expected. Good luck with your surgery. My right side was almost completely blocked, so I can sympathize. I have no doubt it will be worth it in the end.

        1. Congrats Murphey. It is great to hear that the anxiety factor was not an issue. I appreciate you posting back here. I wish you all the best in your recovery. I will certainly be worth it for you.

      2. Hi Vinney. What’s a rescue in haler. I’ve smoked over 40 years and just stopped 3 days ago . As my Opp is next Thursday x

    2. Hi Vinny

      I have the surgery coming up this Wednesday and you hit my fears right in the nose (pun intended). My doctor said he uses the stints w Breathing tubes and that I’ll be able to get some air through. Please tell you your experience. Was it as bad as you thought it would be?

  31. I am 56 yrs old 2 weeks Post Op from Septoplasty, Tonsillectomy, & Ear Tubes. I CAN BREATHE!!! I won’t sugar-coat this…..ruff, ruff, ruff, BUT I don’t think I suffered one bit from the Septoplasty and this is my second Surgery for Tubes in past 6 weeks. I blame ALL of my pain on the Tonsillectomy. I am STILL in severe pain that my Pain Med is just now beginning to work.
    I broke my nose 40 years ago causing my “interesting” deviated septum (as my ENT called it. My septum was not only deviated but split at the end. I had been a mouth-breather with Sleep Apnea ever since. I could NOT tolerate a CPAP so am hoping this will also improve that. Gotta be honest, haven’t slep more than 2 hours in a row since Surgery, so I don’t know if that is improved yet. I have had a large mass and tissue removed from my blocked nostril also (with 1st Ear Tubes procedure). Let me stress again…I CAN BREATHE! After sufferring from Insomnea also, I can’t wait to see if this helped for that also!
    If I can handle this MAJOR Surgery at my age…you can too!!!
    So far, I would do it again (10 x over) just for the relief I am experiencing!!!!
    PS: Packing Removal is a BITCH!!!

    1. Ouch!!! I feel for you with the tonsils being removed, AT ALL, much less in conjunction with another surgery.. I had my tonsils removed back in 06 and I was 32.. Thought I was going to DIE it hurt so bad

  32. I had a septoplasty and turbinoplasty two days ago. Lots of bleeding afterwards. Thank you for this forum it’s so helpful. It’s not a pleasant post op feeling. My nose is running all the time and I feel smothered. I’m just focusing on next week having the splints out. Good luck to all of you.

    1. I just had the exact same surgery, 3/27/2015, and am SO in touch with your “feeling smothered” comment. I am 2 days out from getting my splints removed, and am in serious countdown mode. Hope your surgery was successful. ~Dana

  33. I just had these procedures done on the 8th of January :Bilateral endoscopic sphenoid sinusotomy, bilateral nasal endoscopy with ethmoldectomy, bilateral endoscopy with maxillary tissue removal, septoplasty, and bilateral turbinoplasty with radiofrequency. I will say the day of surgery and the day after were pretty good (nose wise). I changed my nose pads every 10-20 minutes (expect some bleeding) the worst though was the sore throat from the tube. Keep Popsicles stocked in the freezer. My only complaint now is how dry my nostrils are, and I have a chunk of dried blood stuck to a splint… keep your nose as moist as possible–use the Afrin and simply saline as doctor notes. Dry mouth is inevitable, and the pain meds will more thank likely stop production of Wonka bars (if you get the drift). Try taking colace or eating apple with the skins in hopes things “come out ok.” Sleep has been difficult, I haven’t been taking pain meds as often as prescribed. Just don’t like the loopy feeling. If you get splints, your 2nd or 3rd day of recovery will have you feeling some front tooth pain and pressure. Splint removal for me is Monday. Do yourself a favor… don’t YouTube your procedure(s) prior to operation. I did this for splint removal. Shouldn’t have. All this being said… I have 0 packing, 0 bruising, and for the most part, I think this was a great thing that needed done. I had been treated for an amoebial infection in my sinus cavities since August. Sorry my post jumps all over the place, but just trying to give as much info as I can. Basically , if you need this done and you have the means… I highly recommend it.

  34. Congratulations to all that have had the procedure done and are reaping the benefits. I need to have the septoplasty surgery but I have a lot of fears. I absolutely require a cpap to sleep (my airway collapses immediately when I fall asleep without cpap) ENT said I can’t use cpap after the septoplasty for up to 2 weeks. I told him I won’t be able to sleep then for 2 weeks and he said he didn’t have an answer for me.
    Does anybody have any idea how I can get through this procedure? I feel like my body will break down with 2 weeks of no sleep. Thank you for any help anyone can offer me.

    1. John: I, too, use a CPAP (full face mask); and was told by my doctor that I could use it, starting the day of the operation. I waited one night because of residual bleeding. I found that I could not keep my nostrils sufficiently clear, with the splints in, using saline spray, to breath through my nose. Using the CPAP’s humidifier helped, but my mouth and throat became dry, waking me up about every two hours. Over-the-counter dry mouth relief products (spray and gel) did provide some relief. After the splints came out (8 days) my CPAP use was fully back to normal. I recommend that you contact your Sleep Clinic, advise them of your pending septoplasty, and see if they can provide a mask that will facilitate mouth breathing during your recovery. The operation is definitely worth it. Good luck!

  35. Thnx for sharing after septoplasty experience, ,, I m 32 yrs guy from delhi,,, I m extremely mouth breather during sleep. bcoz of that I wakeup between sleep and drink water,, without water bottel near me. I can’t sleep. and I suffering thise problem last 5 years ago,,,, recently I had chronic sinus problem, so my family doctor prescribe me to vist ENT specialist, ,ENT doctor see my nose thro small stick camera and told me that .I m suffering Devited nasal septum,,, doctor ask me did I fight someone before? or is something blow on your nose?,,, so I told him no,,, bocoz I didn’t remember,but when think deeply then I realize that,, I have some clash with my friend and we both fight to eachother and he slap on my face, well,, then doctor prescribe me some medecine and told me I need.. septoplasty for finesh my mouth breathing problem, after read thise blog ,,I m confident for surgery :),,,, mightbe in thise week or more early I do thise job for sure,, then after I will write my review again…is theresome one who want to share with me any suggestions regarding to septoplasty. so plzz write me on my email,,,,,,

  36. Do not be terrified. I am 2 days post surgery people scared me but I can believe how easy it has been. Slight bleeding first 2 days you feel blocked up like a mild cold but no pain at all. No pain killers taken. So much easier than I expected!!!

    1. I would agree with you on this. I just had the surgery done two weeks ago. There was some pain but not unbearable. Bleeding stopped after a few days.

      I think what everyone needs to be aware of is that every person is different and everyone’s deviated septum is different. Some people may have a high pain tolerance and for some, their septum may heal faster. It just depends. I’m two weeks post surgery and I’ve had some headaches but I’m prone to those. I stopped taking the pain killers after probably 4-5 days and I didn’t need them after that. My energy came back after about day 6 or 7. I still can’t fully breathe at two weeks as gunk is still coming out but I can tell my nose is still swollen. It’s getting there! At times, I can notice that I can breathe wonderfully out of the right nostril which was the problem side. I’m looking forward to a full recovery! I was anxious like many of you but please don’t be scared. I would recommend this surgery to anyone. Bring a person or two for support at the hospital and to drive you back home but once they prepare you for the surgery, you’re knocked out and don’t remember a thing! Make sure to do as the doctor says: ice the nose, take the pain pills and antibiotics and REST. Doing those things will get your body back faster. Also I do want to note that I didn’t have foam packing in my nose so I’m guessing it just depends on your nose and the doctor, etc. I was surprised at how easy it all was. Good luck to everyone!!!

    2. Marie what all did you have done? I just scheduled surgery for the 25th, I am terrified!! I have to have a lot done! Drain holes made, everything drained. Dr. believes I have a fungal sinus infection.. Been stuck for 2 years, according to the CT scans.. It’s got no where to go. I want to cry I’m so scared! Any advice I’d appreciate!!

  37. After suffering with sinus infections for 2 years and no treatments helped.I had some bone chiselled out of my nose. With only a spray into my mouth and nose, for pain, it was done in the lecture hall of the university of Leipzig Germany. Because it was very seldom done they wanted the med. students to be able to watch it. My nose was packed with face and since the blood had dried when it was removed it was very painful.-But it helped and I had no more problems for years. And when I did have I was already in Canada and the clinic suctioned it out.

  38. Ive really enjoyed reading your experience..i had a septoplasty & limited FESS on Weds 21/1/15, and what you have said is so true! Altho my nose feels sore & blocked with crust & whatever else is up there, i woke up sat morning breathing through my nose! My right side was almost closed by all accts & i can now breath! I must admit i feel like ive been hit in the face with a shovel & i have had & if i’m being honest, still am, in a lot of discomfort (& i have a high pain threshold) but i dont care because i know its going to be worth it in the end. I never gave it a thought till i read what you said about being lethargic & tired all the time.i have felt like this for yrs & i was beginning to think there was something seriously wrong with me.. even to the point where i was feeling very depressed.i had no interest in anything..and now i’m wondering if my breathing could have been part of this problem ( i also suffer with Asthma and have become ‘scared’ these past few yrs since being diagnosed with Asthma.i’m taking my recovery a day at a time & slowy! Hopefully this will be very beneficial to me in the future. If anyone is in doubt.. dont will benefit you..just be patient with your recovery time.

  39. I just had my tonsils out and deviated septum fixed 5 days ago. I got my splints out today and wow I can breath great! My main concern is my sense of smell and taste. I can’t taste or smell anything. Is this normal? How long should it take to be able to taste again? thanks in advance!

  40. I having the septoplasty done in two months and I am scared shitless to get it done. I am scared of the general anaesthetic that the ear, nose and throat specialist will give me due to severe sensitivity to medications. I have sleep apnea due to the crooked septum in my left nostril. I have always breathed through my mouth. My common-law is the one who told me to go to a doctor and I did. I was then referred to an ear, nose and throat specialist. So I am so full of anxiety and sleepless nights due to worrying about this darn surgery.

  41. Ohh, I have also septoplasty done in 2 weeks .two days for me was terrible bocz of nose packing,, but after remove package I breath Clearly by my left nose which was always blocked,,, doctor say me I got full benifits of septoplasty after 1 month,,, lets see after one month

  42. It is day 12 of post surgery for me. i do daily cleaning twice a day (Steam sinus bath, nasal rinse, nasacort and nasogel). My deviated septum is on my left and most work was done on that side. I have mucus with blood coming out in the last 3 days.
    What happened this morning frightened me. I woke With too much air going
    through left nostril. I did my usual sinus cleaning, ate breakfast And as about to get on my day. I suddenly began hyperventilating. Just too much air was going into my left nostril. I couldn’t control my breathing. Called the clinic, nurse told me to breathe into a bag until i was calm. Can anyone tell if they had a similar incident before? I was not stressed the night before or when i woke up.

  43. I have a deviated septum it doesn’t particularly affect my breathing although I have had quite bad sinus problems in the past and my sense of smell isn’t great, but my main problem is the appearance of it, it knocks my confidence and I seriously hate my appearance because of it, could I still get surgery although it doesn’t affect my breathing ect. ?

  44. I was diagnosed with a Deviated septum at the age of 9. My left Nostril was completely blocked due to deviated septum.I always had a breathing problem with sleep apnea.Like others I was breathing mostly from mouth.
    I just had the surgery done two weeks ago 18th Jan. doctors removed a small amount of bone and cartilage.( I can share the Pic)
    The Nose was packed for a day with Splint remained there for another week.
    So far My sleep apnea has gone. I can breath like any normal person.
    Apart from some Bloody mucus which is still coming No major issues at all.

  45. Had septoplasty surgery with turbinate reduction on Monday 2\16\15. Day of surgery went into surgery at 10:30. 2 &1\2 hours with room prep and surgery. Slept 30 minutes and recovery 45 minutes. Got home and figured mouth breathing would be an issue and panic might set in. Not the case. It actually felt good to not breath through my 95% blocked left nostril. Mouth breathing was fine. Pain was minimal and pain meds took care of this. Biggest issue was no sleep. Changed nose guaze hourly and iced religiously (20 on, 20 off).
    Day 2 took packing out at 9:00 am. No problem at all. Squirting Saline in both sides often and Afrin twice today a day. Little to no pain and right side sort of clearing a bit. Nose dressing change 6-8 hours and probably will not need tomorrow. Still no sleep but will try soon. Still icing every hour or two. Will update tomorrow or next day. So far not so bad, way better than expected. Eating normally.

    1. Day 2 Evening- For the record, I forgot to mention I am a 48 year old male and a smoker. Used saline spray and Afrin. Right nostril cleared about 85% and left about 10%. Stopped pain killers and finally slept 3 hours straight, an hour up icing, then 4 more hours of sleep.

      Day 3- Swelling and congestion more evident but still icing and saline spraying. About 50% open on right side and still 10% on left. For the most part the Bleeding stopped and gauze moustache not needed. Occasional bleed, but drying inside more evident and crusting beginning. Update again tomorrow.

      1. Evening 3 slept 2 hours, ice the 5 more hours. Woke up Day 4 with a severe headache from congestion. Ice, saline and Afrin and headache cleared. Still some swelling and congestion. Saline often. Finally did a saline rinse and 70% clear both sides. Plastic splints still in until Day 8. Feeling much better and somewhat normal.

        1. Day 5, 6 & 7 so far the same. Wake up with severe congestion and headache and then it clears after flush and can breathe somewhat. Splits will come out tomorrow on Day 8. Will update then.

          1. Day 8- Splints removed, not painful at all. Suction done, again not painful, just a little uncomfortable for all of about 1 minute.

            All I have to say is EUREKA!!!!!!! I can breath!!!!! Still a lot of swelling, but who cares, that will subside. I CAN BREATH. Good Luck to everyone here and thank you for this board. It helped me prior to doing the surgery. I hope my comments can help others. Do this surgery if you have a severely deviated septum, it’s not that bad.

          2. Thank you so much Vinney! I get my Opp 4/2/16 and terrified. But your updates helped me relax a bit. I’m 56 and suppose to have a throat Opp same day to remove blisters from my vocal cords. But I think I need to say no to that until my nose heals. After all I’ll be breathing through my mouth and wouldn’t help my throat heal . Thanks again love xxx

  46. thanks for your thoughts. had a specialist tell me she’d fix mine. being difficult to breathe already gives me chills and bad thoughts having cotton and garbage up my nose post surgery. My fears were substantiated.

  47. I have my surgery in 5 days..I am 44 yr old woman. I can’t lie, I am pretty nervous. I am not worried about the surgery But the recovery, I am a wuss when it comes to pain, and very worried about the packing/ splints.
    This site has calmed my nerves quite a bit, can anyone tell me how long it took to get back to work? I do inventory control, so lots of moving around, lifting, etc. I took 2 weeks of leave but am hoping I won’t have to use it all.
    An actual vacation would be nice this year!

    1. Today is day 7 for me and back at work. You definitely need a full week to recover properly. Sleep is difficult and congestion is a bit miserable.

    2. Thanks for the comments, surgery is tomorrow. Of course we are in the middle of an ice storm in Texas! And my 19 yr old daughter is driving me, I think maybe the surgery is the least of my worries…..maybe I will take a cab to the hospital?? Wish me luck and I’ll let y’all know if I survive the surgery AND my daughters driving!

  48. Had surgery done in uk just 2 days ago, not given much info, so have found this very useful, told dissolvable packing, very little else, time off work, how long to rinse for, found it all lacking really. Unfortunatley work for myself so need to get back soon, hopefully with 4 days off might be alright, will just have to see and take it carefully.

  49. Thanks for the post. Your experience reflects what I am currently going through (1 week post-op), so it was comforting to read.

  50. Great post. Congrats David.
    In the surgery day, how long had you stay in the hospital? Do you think it is easy to drive in the same day of surgery?


  51. day 3 since the surgery, and I feel so much better. Packing taken out yesterday, and it wasn’t to bad. I notice if I’m up too long the bleeding gets worse and I run down easy but other than that I’m doing great. Planning on going back to work next week. Even with all the gunk in my nose I can’t believe how much better I can breathe. If you are contemplating this surgery my advice is DO IT!! I a so grateful I did.

    1. Nan, Glad to hear. 2 weeks later and I am doing well. Still some congestion and gunk, but way better than the agony of everyday life with a clogged nose. A follow up with Dr. tomorrow. I assume more vacuuming!!!

      1. Day 15- two week follow up. Dr. vacuumed out a bunch of “stuff”. Still a lot of swelling but definitely getting better across the board. Next visit is two weeks out and I hope to be completely done at that time. If you are considering doing this, Do the surgery, I’m breathing like a champ today!!! I never imagined breathing could be so free and easy.

        1. Had 4 week follow up. Doctor vacuumed out more “stuff”, believe it or not 4 weeks later. 90% clear and feeling great. A great decision to take care of this life long breathing problem.

          1. I am two weeks out. I had deviated septum, turbinate reduction and something else. I am tired have headaches and can barely taste. I was packed so much they hit my tear duct and my eye watered for five days. All my top teeth ached for four days like throbbing tooth ache I have barely any Snell or taste. The pain i felt was just about unbearable. My friend told me in another week or two im going to blow a super snot and then i will feel amazing. I hope this is true. I am keeping my eye on the prize !

  52. I was assaulted in 2005 and suffered a broken nose which resulted in me having Rhinoplasty in 2007. Although it went very well my scar tissue has been causing my nose to swell and scab over, after countless trips to the doctors and being fobbed off I was finally sent to see the surgeon who ‘fixed’ my nose (nov 2014) who then told me I have a deviated septum and I have the surgery to fix it this Friday.. After spending most of my time sleeping and wondering where the days have gone I am quite looking forward to it… I found your post very informative and am taking notes, thankyou.

  53. Just had Septoplasty, Turbinate Reduction and a Vocal Cord Polyp removed yesterday. The surgery itself took longer than expected, I was told I bled a lot. The first 10 hours were uncomfortable, although not as painful as I thought it would be. My throat hurt the most. My nose felt like a bad sinus headache and mostly had an awful headache. I could breathe well for the first 4 to 5 hours after surgery then swelling started so I haven’t been able to breathe through my nose since. I was given antibiotics, pain medicine and antacid. I cleaned my nose with saline solution 6 hours after surgery and every 3 hours since. I had the gauze under my nose for the first 16 hours but the bleeding stopped so I don’t need it anymore. I’m not supposed to speak for 72 hours, because ofmy vocal cord surgery. I visited my doctor today and he says it looks great. I will see him in a week to have my splints removed. He said after that I should breathe a lot better.

    1. Hi I’m going in yo get the same two pops as you. I was thinking off asking could they leave the throat one until next year as I don’t need the two worries. What do you think?
      I’ve have my vocal cords scraped twice years ago.
      I’m 57!

  54. Hey, thanks a lot for your helpful post. I had absolutely same case as yours but i had this problem since quite long time ago(maybe since childhood). I went to the doctor and he told me to get a surgery. And I am going to get it in one and half months! Is it possible now that I can breathe from both nostrills? Please answer it!!

    1. yes it should help u breathe thru both nostrils….mine did and i had mine since a child…make sure you have a good surgeon

  55. I was petrified and did wayyyyy too much “googling” and almost cancelled the surgery after seeing all the horror stories.

    I had 0% breathing on right side and about 60% on left prior to surgery. I had my septoplasty and turbinate reduction last Monday. When I woke up from surgery, I could breathe already at almost 100%, it was amazing! I made sure to use lots of saline ( every hour) washes and saline gel, humidifier and never got clogged up or congested….that is the key! I bled for 24 hours but then it stopped. Very little pain. Splints out at 3:00 today. Well worth it! I can breathe!

  56. Had septoplasty 6 days ago. I’ve had no major pain, just some discomfort (except when I’ve accidentally banged my nose at night).
    I haven’t had much sleep at all, unfortunately, so I’m feeling exhausted, and coupled with severe congestion that just started yesterday (cant breathe through my nose at all), I’m getting a little rundown. Dr said this is normal, just use the saline spray as needed, though it really doesn’t help with the clogging.
    Stents/packing come out the day after tomorrow, so I’m looking forward to getting back to breathing. I could breathe pretty well the first couple days following surgery, so I’m sure once the stents/packing are removed and swelling subsides, I’ll be happy with the results.
    If you’re nervous about the procedure, don’t be. I heard horror stories from my friends that had it done. But I gotta say it really hasn’t been that bad.

  57. Hi David and other readers,

    I am going for surgery next week Tuesday. I will be going for a deviated septum, tonsillectomy and removal of adenoids. I will admit I am quite nervous as I really want to be healthy now after being on at least 8 antibiotics in the last year with chronic throat infection, sleep apnea, low energy levels as well as dry mouth.

    I am only concerned as some people on here who have had the surgery are complaining that there symptoms have not improved and some are having blood flow pressure problems etc.

    I will post an update after the surgery. I expect it will be sore. I am still recovering from a operation from last year which involved going for a Bi-lateral hernia operation, varicose veins removal from the hernia and scrotum, a scrotum reduction and a chordee repair from last October.

  58. 8 days past surgery, I can tell you that it wasn’t really to much fun, and hoping that it works, first 6 days were bleeding, pain, and not breathing through nose…didn’t like the plugged nose at all….after the stints were taken out, got better…my question is, I have scabs forming, or maybe dried blood inside my nose, I want it out, but am afraid to try and cause the stiches to come out…does anyone have any experience with this, and what helped you?

    1. Just flush with Saline. The scabbing will come out on its own. It is a process, but week two gets better. I am 4 weeks post op and have 90% breathing. Still Saline Flush 3 times a day. Still very minor swelling, but all in all, it gets way better once the doctor starts vacuuming out some of the remnants. Four weeks later and some big nasty stuff still came out. Hang in there. It gets way better.

  59. -yesterday (monday) i had septo only. 1 hour surgery. 1 hour recovery.
    -got nausea patch and nausea meds so fine there.
    -hate narcotics so been taking extra strength tylenol every 5-6 hours and have very little pain. inside nose feels the equivalent of a scraped knee. bad sinus headache is the worst in the pain department, but not debilitating.
    -didn’t need mustache bandage after about 10 hours, but do dab at drips every so often.
    -using saline spray every 2 hours to keep crusting at minimum and, per doc orders, afrin spray very 4 hours to help with bleeding.
    -can breath fine through nose so far, waiting to see if more swelling/congestion sets in.
    -slept between 10 minutes and 2 hours at a time last night which is better than i expected (and since i typically wake up every hour or two i was kind of use to it)
    -wish i could blow my nose.
    -splints out on friday (5 days post)
    -i am a 53 y/o female competitive athlete. i went into this in super high health so maybe that is why i am not having much difficulty.

  60. 48 hours post-op.

    here is the low-lights from yesterday:
    -felt like i had a horrible head cold even though i could breath through my nose.
    -swelling has started. my petite nose has morphed into a bulbous one
    -the palate behind my front teeth felt like i had eaten something too hot. very tender
    -constant runny nose that i cant blow. oh, and the watery eyes.
    -super tired

    -still no narcs. only tylenol.
    -slept about the same as first night.
    -my husband wants to wait on me hand and foot.

    Felt up to running a few errands. was out of the house a couple hours. in hindsight that may have been to ambitious since i felt so exhausted later in the day.

    i’ll post tomorrow how today (day 3 post op) goes.

    1. You had it on the same day as me apparently. You might want to try chocolate pudding! It tastes good and is really quite easy to swallow. That and mac ‘n’ cheese. I actually fell asleep into my macaroni yesterday…

  61. I’m scheduled to have the operation in 2 weeks, and the nurse said saline at least 4 times a day, 7 or 8 times is better. I asked her, and you can’t really overdo saline.

  62. Day 3:
    the worst yet. it was like the most wicked head cold in history. i even thought perhaps i had a head cold on top of it all. the constant dropping was like a faucet. i would put little wadded up pieces of tissue up my nostril. i wound up sleeping a good part of the day and that was the highlight. food had no appeal/taste. went to bed at 8.

    day 4:
    slept much better. woke up feeling human. had high energy all day, but still took a morning and afternoon nap as preemptive strike to fatigue. when the headaches came, they were very slight. irrigating with saline every 4 hours followed by afrin. bleeding had stopped, but started up again on right side. just a little, needing to dab at it every so often. felt so good that i wasn’t watching the clock for the time to take my tylenol. took it a half hour late.

    day 5
    slept 5 hours straight!!, which i usually never do (hot flashes/bathroom trips). took my tylenol and tossed and turned for an hour waiting for my nose to open up (i cannot sleep breathing through my mouth). another 2 hours and up for the day now. no more bleeding/dripping this morning. feeling great because TODAY I GET THESE EFFING SPLINTS OUT!! 9am cant come soon enough! i really feel like yesterday i turned the corner on my healing and today can only be better. will report tomorrow how the whole splint thing goes.

    1. lol am on day 5, myself, 2 days to go until I can get my “effing splints out” and am seriously EFFING READY! You’re lucky you got yours out so early! I have to wait a full week! UGH! Hope your surgery was successful!! ~Dana

  63. just had splints out. OMG! OMG! OMG!..i had no idea! they were huge! like the size of my pinky finger but completely flat. it was over so fast it doesn’t even warrant any mention of how uncomfortable it is. between the decongestant the squirt in there, the splints being removed and the suction of any gunk i feel like 98% normal. he said there may be a little bleeding today from the removal, but so far (its been an hour) its very very little. he said i can blow very gently. i can exercise as much and as intense as i wish. the swelling should be gone in a few days. my sense of smell/taste is mostly back and should be 100% after another couple days. i wont see him again for 6 weeks.

    so other than the 3rd day, this has been way easier than what most people have reported. again..i did this with no pain meds. the superbeast head cold thing was the worst of it. i kept telling myself it was a cold and it made it a bit easier. the fact that i had septo only surely makes a difference. if the turbinates had been done i’m sure that my story would have been different.

  64. Well to add my experience. I went in on Monday 23rd March (UK) for FESS + sinoplasty + turbenite reduction.

    Op itself was OK. I was in theater for about two hours. I came around about an hour later and had to sit up in recovery for an hour or so.

    I had the moustache type bandage to catch the bleeding of which there was quite a lot.

    After 6 more hours I was allowed home. Bleeding was pretty bad in the car on way back but soon stopped and went back to a constant drip. Pain wise there was nothing really. Discomfort with my teeth.

    First night was hell. Couldn’t sleep and blood all the time from the nose. Had to keep changing the moustache thing. At some point I fell asleep because when I woke up my jaw was covered in dried blood. During the night some of the disolvable packing dropped into my mouth which was quite horrible.

    Day 2 felt extremely tired and low energy. Again no real pain but took paracetemol (same as tylanol in the us) just in case. Bleeding didn’t really stop much. Constant drip from nose and totally blocked both nostrils. Breathing through mouth constantly.

    Thursday was a little better. Didn’t need the moustache bandage,but still dripping most of the time. Still totally blocked so having to breathe through mouth still. There was a brief periods where I could sort of get air through one nostril but it didn’t last long.

    Friday I actually felt better. Still blocked but now it feels a little less pressure. It also bubbles in my nose if I try a very gentle blow. Did get mild headaches and teeth pain again. Today first day I felt up to doing anything at all really.

    Its now Saturday morning and last nights sleep was better but still pretty bad due to not able to breath at all through nose. Itsnfeeling a bit sore this morning and I feel like I really want to blow it. Dropping seems to be at a minimum now. My bloody tissues from overnight are considerable less bloodied than previous nights.

    Its very tiring feeling like this. In short so far my recovery hasn’t really been painful, but very uncomfortable.

    By the way I didn’t have splints. As far as I’m aware it was just the small bit of dissolvable packing which mostly seemed to come out that first night.

  65. I had an operation March 9th, for sinus pain, and whilst under they straightened my septum. I had the bleeding for two days etc., but not much pain. However I went back to work after a week and am still getting the sinus headaches I used to get daily, as well as having a blocked right nostril. Is this normal, I am not due to go back to see my specialist until 13th April but nothing seems to have improved, if anything it is worse!

    1. Did you ever improve ? Do you still get headaches. I’m two weeks out still getting headaches and feeling tired my nose isc still clogged on one side. Please tell me you got better :)

  66. it’s been 8days since I had my surgery. The doctor removed the splints two days ago. I sitill can’t breathe normally. I felt no pain at all, but the breathing is still uncomfortable. Just wondering when I’ll be able to breathe normally.

    1. Hang in there, a few more days should see an improvement. I can get air through now. Seemed to improve around day 10 for me. Im getting more headaches now though but this is to be expected I think.

    2. You’ll be breathing better soon! I had my surgery over a year ago (January 2014). That first week, living with those splints in my nose, it was awful! But once they came out…wow! What a difference. For the first time in my life (I’m in my mid-fifties), I could breath through both nostrils! And it only gets better as the weeks go by and the swelling inside goes down. I have gotten the occasional headache over the past year as things healed, but nothing terrible, more like a dull ache. I continued using the Ocean saline for a long time (the one in the can that really cleans your nose out), and I still take allergy meds when needed (too bad having this surgery doesn’t cure allergies!). Overall, I’m so happy I had the surgery. I love waking up in the morning able to breathe. Before surgery, I ALWAYS had one side of a nostril stuffed up when I woke. And I had to take allergy medicine EVERY DAY, not just when it’s spring and trees and flowers are blooming. Also, when I get a cold, I find it doesn’t last as long. I think when you have a stuffed nose all the time, and you get a cold, it makes it harder to get over because your sinuses are such a mess to begin with. So hang in there, you’ll be feeling better every day and breathing clearly. I have absolutely no regrets…well, maybe one. I wish I’d done it when I was younger so I’d have had more years to enjoy breathing like a normal person!

  67. I just had the procedure yesterday and it is bar none the worst pain I have ever ecperienced. Ever. Child birth was about as painful. Seriously. I’ve been tearful constantly the last 12 hours and I had had to double up in my meds.

    My head hurts like never before, the roof of my mouth is in searing agony, eyes, teeth all feel like a severe toothache, and my eyes are watering out of control from the pain. I can’t talk nor chew. I’m filling up gauze mustache every three hours.

    I know it’s worth it because I’ve had chronic headache and breathing issues for years but I will never forget this experience. I am humbled,

    I appreciate this article. Out of desperation I searched the web for trucks or hints. Ordering a NetiPot today.

    My advice it to stay the night at the hospital if you can. I was released one hour after surgery and I am about to go to the ER because the pain meds (2 7.5/325 Norco every 4hrs) are doing nothing.

    Also, have someone there to take care of you, your children and pets. I did do this and thank God because I could never have taken care of my child.

    Don’t wait in the meds. Keep it in the system. Trust me.

    Good luck!

    1. Your experience is very similar to mine, I had the toothache constant bleeding and sore mouth for about two days after. However the pain wasnt too bad for me, just constant. The eyes running stopped after a day.

      Im shocked they let you go after an hour! I had to sit in an observation room for 6 hours before they let me go.

      Also I second needing someone to look after you. I couldn’t really do anything that first week. My hand was hardly ever away from my nose with a tissue catching the blood.

      It gets better though. Now its just headaches for me. No bleeding and I feel human again!

  68. I had this surgery 2 weeks ago and it was very painful. My nose ached for about a week. It was a much more difficult recovery than I had expected. BUT I already know it’s going to be worth it. Still congested but breathing better already!

  69. I had surgery 2 days ago consisting of septoplasty,shaving of turbinates, polyp removal and cleaning of sinuses. Nose is tender and sore to touch, nothing to write home about. Taking mild painkillers as required with one that makes you drowsy at night as it is hard sleeping whilst breathing through the mouth. Surgeon did a fantastic job with no external markings. I cleanse nose 3 times a day with saline and already getting air through both passages. Can’t wait to get splints out as already I feel this operation was well worth it.
    I was listening to people say its too painful, it won’t make any difference but after getting to the stage of waking many times throughout the night breathing through the mouth just had to go ahead with it and boy glad I did. Hope this helps anyone hesitant to make up there mind!!

  70. I didn’t have any of the problems David mentioned. I took no time off, no headaches etc. Bleeding was the only issue. Problems depend on the individual.

  71. I’m 2 weeks post-op (NHS – UK). This was my second septoplasty as the first one 5 years ago did not work. The operation itself was fine; I got out on the same day and I had fairly minimal bleeding when I woke up. In the NHS they do not use splints or packing. Which I think is a blessing!
    The first few days out are the worst as things begin to swell up and clog the passages. Saline sprays are your friend!! Be prepared, I was going through a bottle a day!
    Due to the lack of success with my previous surgery I’m really nervous this one hasn’t worked. I think my breathing is a little better but it’s still not good enough to only breathe through my nose. Is it too early to tell??? I read in some discussions people can breathe freely on day 3! I’m trying to be positive as I’m desperate to get rid of my mouth breathing.

  72. Hi! I am about 14 hours out of septoplasty and turbinate surgery and in a great deal of pain. Not necessarily in my nose but in my throat. It hurts to bad to sleep. I just turned on my humidifier to try and assist with relieving some of the pain in my throat. Does anyone know if this is a good or bad idea? So far it feels a little better, but still very painfull. Also, does anyin know if throat spray or losengers are allowed. My doctor acted as if I would not need them, but I can tell you this hurts. I have read all of the post and I thank David for taking the time out to share his experience. Speedy recovers are wished to all.

  73. Thank you so much for documenting your experience. I have been on the grid researching any article/comments/posts regarding this surgery. I am scheduled to have mine in the morning and I am suffering from anxiety. I have heard horror stories about “sinus surgeries.” Your post did make me feel somewhat less apprehensive.
    Thanks Again,

  74. I am at 6 days after sinus surgery – septoplasty, turbinate reduction, polyp removal and some other things. Recovery has been painful at times but mostly controlled by pain meds. I can now partially breath through my nose but the bottom of my nose is extremely sore to touch. I don’t get my splints out until day 12 which seems a lot later than everyone else. I am worried about how this will go and if it will be painful. What is bothering me the most now is my loss of taste and smell. I have had intermittent taste loss for the last few years and am really hoping this surgery helps fix that but now just on edge about how long it will take to come back after surgery. I am hoping it is just due to swelling and splints blocking things. Was taste loss an issue for anyone else and how long did it take to return?

    1. I had my ethmoid sinuses removed polyps out and a deviated septum fixed I still feel horrible with my allergies very stuffy especially since everything is blooming I never regained my sense of smell or taste and don’t think I will Dee said I might not I can breathe better out of my nose sometimes so I don’t really know if it was worth it for me or not. Getting allergy shots now every week but it takes 6 months to even tell if they are working.

  75. In the UK, do they provide saline or any other sprays? Glad to hear no splints. Going in the afternoon of June 4th. My wife should be going somewhere that evening but she’ll be leaving instead around 5am the next day. I should be able to manage, I’m sure our dogs will help! My real concern is what I might need to buy in before the operation (although a friend can do some shopping if necessary). Should I get sprays? That pot people talk about?
    AND – I use a nasal CPAP mask, should I ask for a full face one to use while I’m recovering?

    1. Buy saline sprays. You can get them from Boots but I also got mine prescribed. Ask for some before you leave the hospital.
      I think the NHS only use splits when there is a lot of bleeding. My doctor did mention it but said he usually didn’t use them.
      Good luck! It’ll be worth it.

  76. had this done 6 days ago, ggetting my splints out tomorrow. I am just concerned because I still have bleeding from the nose, been wearing the moustache dressing with gauze all week and even though bleeding has been decreasing all week I’m concerned about the amount of blood still present, especially after sleeping…Wondering if bleeding after a week is common or not…guess it doesn’t matter too much as I’m seeing my doctor tomorrow but I’m just concerned I’ll still be bleeding a lot after the splints come out and I’m not looking forward to that….But everyone I’ve talked to at the doctors says after the splints are out it’s like a whole new nose and that is worth it…so looking forward to tomorrow…

  77. Just had septum, terbanites reduction and sinus surgery today at 9 am. It’s now 11 pm and I feel great. No pain, haven’t taken any pain meds since 11 am. Feeling very stuffy with some bloody mucus discharge.. I have a gauss pad under my nose with tape. But so far so good. Watching family guy and eating cheese puffs. I may be whistling a different tune tomorrow but for now, processing great. I am so pumped to see what the next week will bring.

  78. Hi guys, I live in the UK, just had Septoplasty and Turbinoplasty surgery 2 days ago.
    On the day of the surgery, I felt fine immediately after I woke up, however, my teeth hurt due to the oxygen mask they put on me and my throat was sore.. after about 30 mins, my nose started bleeding non stop, had to have the mustache thing changed about 4 times until they said I had to leave it on to allow the bleeding to clot. That was the worst day, because my whole body was hot and the bleeding just continued, I had an ice pack on my nose and had to chew ice cubes to reduce the swelling of my top lip. I puked a whole load after that due to the effects of the anesthetics, however, throughout all that I didn’t actually experience nose pain, unless someone pressed my nose. The doc told me he put dissolvable stitches in my nose and some foam dressing? I’m not sure what, but I’ve been told they will start melting and I will notice them on my tissue.
    The next day, I was okay, the bleeding stopped, but my nose was still congested and blocked. Still had the moustache thing stuck to my nose.

    Today, I looked at my nose in the mirror for the first time after the surgery when I removed the moustache thing myself. I was shocked at the size of my nose.. I didn’t recognise myself, my nose has quadrupled in size :( I pray it goes back to normal. My nose has been running (mucus) and bits of blood.
    I just hope recovery does not take long, and the swelling of my nose reduces massively, as soon as possible!
    Please can someone tell me if the septoplasty surgery changed the shape of their nose and if so then how??? I’m so worried

    1. Don’t worry about the shape of your nose, I panicked too because it looked completely crooked but this was only because of have more swelling on one side, I definitely thought it was not going to go back to its normal shape but it went back to normal after three weeks. I had all the same pains you are describing too.

  79. How in the world do people avoid sneezing? Or if I can’t breathe in through my nose will I be less likely to sneeze?
    Just had a sneezing fit this morning. I have no idea why. Septoplasty to take place in 13 days!

    1. Hi,
      You have to sneeze through your mouth, it’s not as hard as it sounds, especially if you’re used to having blocked noses.
      After septoplasty surgery, your nose will most likely be congested and blocked, so when you do sneeze, remember to keep your mouth open.

  80. Hello Wanted to share my experience I have been suffering all my life with breathing, mostly a mouth breather. I got worse after I had my baby 9 months ago as I developed asthma. After years of going to ENts I finally decided and finally found someone to do surgery. I just had my surgery, septoplasty and turbunetes done on Friday May 22. I was put under general anesthesia so didn’t feel a thing. Splints were inserted in my nose and I must say they are uncomfortable, still feel stuffy but looking forward to this Friday for splint removal. Pain was bearable for me after anesthesia wears off I felt pain but medication knocked me out. I was out of work for 3 days. Iam on day 5 , no pain just stuffy but that’s because of the splints, no bleeding just dripping from the left nostril. That nostril was the bad one. I didn’t have black eyes or anything but the hospital did put ice right after the surgery and a mustache bandage under my nose. Looking forward to breathing normally. Hope this helps take care and good luck

  81. One of the worse experiences I have ever dealt with in my life!!!! I had a bone spur removed,deviated septum, polyps removed and like four other things. Just remember when I got home I couldn’t pee for a whole day do to the anesthesia so if this occurs I recommend getting in the shower and letting hot water hit your feet and private parts. It sucked laying around with packing in your nose with your nose and eyes gooing with fluid. THE WORSE PART WAS PACKING REMOVAL!!!! For me I don’t know why but i had double packing in each nostril and oh my god I’m a 32 year old man and I was crying and cussing. My body went into a cold swet almost puked and crapped myself. The packing created like a suction in my nose so it was hard to rip out. Just thinking about it right now a day later makes me feel sick!!! Not trying to scare anyone but videos I watched was not like my situation getting the packing removed. I’m doing better now just rest rest rest and it’s finally great be able to eat and swallow normally. Have fun my friends and keep your head up!!! Literally

  82. I’m having surgery in the morning. Doctor said it will take 2 hours there’s a few other things he has to fix along with the deviated septum. I’m a little nervous but I have had 13 sinus infections in the last 12 months. I really hope this helps.

  83. I use a CPAP nasal mask. A few months ago I started to have strange noises which seem to involve the mask forcing air through my nose, as they happen whether I’m breathing out or in. A nasal examination showed me to have a grossly deviated septum. Five days ago I had a septoplasty and outward fracture of the turbinates in an NHS hospital.
    I woke from the operation feeling completely refreshed, as though I’d had a great night’s sleep. As I’m 72 I hadn’t expected that.
    No packing, no splints, and to my great surprise, no pain. Not even when not taking any painkillers after I got home. And virtually no sign of bruising, but a lot of clotted blood in my nose and on my upper lip.
    Stayed in the day case unit overnight due to having sleep apnoea – not a bad idea anyway as there’ someone there to look after any bleeding and you get to see the consultant the next day. And nice food (well, I like oatmeal bread sandwiches with tuna, mayonaisse and cucumber, and I had one at 5pm and then from a trolley at 9:30 pm.
    Once home I started to regularly use a saline douche – I highly recommend this, although I did use a bottle and hope I didn’t press too hard on my nose. For the first 2 nights I was automatically taking my mask off by unfastening just one fastener and pulling it off, which probably put pressure on my nose. Wish I had thought about that too.
    Two nights ago there was still so much blood soaked mucus I had to use a full face mask I’d requested, but last night I was ok again on the nasal mask.
    I’ve also run a light fever, maybe the walks I’ve been taking wore me out – the Royal College of Surgeons advises 2 of about 1/2 hour but I’d been taking one longer one.
    Although I won’t know for maybe 3 months if it’s fixed my CPAP problem, the operation was much easier than I had expected. Of course it was limited to straightening my septum and fracturing my turbinates.

    1. Fair play to you Doug! 72 and you went through that. And there’s all us younger people freaking out! I’m 57 and I was frightened reading some off the other comments. But I think reading yours i feel more contented now! Tho there are some great comments. Thanks to David, Vinney and a few others, sorry can’t remember there names!
      So Doug. Thank you love.
      God Bless ya xxx

  84. I wanna do d surgert simply bcz of cosmetic importance… i dnt hv any otr symptoms mentioned above……will d surgery chang d shape of deviated septum….?

    1. Hello, I saw your comment. And yes! I hated the shape of my nose, I had a bump in it. I didn’t have a very female looking nose. I wanted a cute button nose. I had a deviated septum, so this surgery was enitially to correct my breathing (didn’t work, made it worse haha hating life lol) but anyway. At the same time they can make you whatever nose you want. I had a rhinoplasty and septoplasty surgery on Dec 11th 2014 (7 months ago) love the shape of my nose. If only I could breathe. A rhinoplasty surgery has more to do with the shape of the nose, where septoplasty is more to do with the breathing side of things.

  85. i am 1 one week post operated and this site helped me a lot.

    my 2 cents:

    if your nose dont stop to put mucus outside, its better to stick some paper inside, changing it from time to time, when it gets soaked.

    this way, you dont need to be wiping your nose tip all the time, what wil necessarely hurt it and make things worse.

    your respiratory system will be prejudicated.
    do not get yourself near people outside your house.
    you may get a flu and you DONT want to get coughing, this will prejudicate the tissues healing.

    ask your doctor for a good mouth and trouth reliefing spray , like ones made of propolis and honey.
    your throath will get swell because of mouth breathing and this will let you sleep better avoiding coughs.

    try to not abuse of your familys patience, complaining all the time.
    you will suffer for some days and you will need their care and patience to help you trough this.


  86. Hi everyone, just had septoplasty surgery Tuesday. I had an enlarged “bubble” inside my left nostril, I think that was restricting my breathing through that nostril. When looking up my nose I still see that bubble. Was wondering does this shrink over time once the swelling goes down?

    The surgery and recovery have been very painless, I just hope I’ll see improvements soon.

    1. Just had this surgery yesterday and am waiting for the pain to start, so far not much other than headache. Dr. Posey even removed a part of a sinus cavity and have minimal pain. They dont do the cotton packing anymore just the splints (at least in MN). I am looking forwad to getting splints out and getting better sleep. My advice is go for it!

      1. I get my splints removed tomorrow, day 7 hoping the congestion goes away, feels like when i had my sunus infection with post nasal drip, thats why I got this surgery to begin with. Looking forward to no more sinus infections and better sleep.

  87. It has been 2 months since operation still I feel uncomfortable to breathe n headache there are only few days when I got relief. Please tell me what to do now. Everytime my nose get dried n I feel stuffy in nose n throat N also it creates gastric problem

  88. Let me start by saying reading about your experience helped push me over the edge to get mine fixed. I had my surgery 7/20 it was my first surgery ever went in nervous thinking about backing out but they reassured me it was ok and I was safe they gave me something through my iv to relax me wheeled me in to the surgery room put some gas on my face and told me to breath last thing I remember was one of the anesthesiologist say in a Russian accent “goodnight David” and I woke up in recovery done!,…easy!!,.nothing to worry about,..first day home was challenging had some blood dripping back of my throat but it stopped within an a couple hours after surgery so not a big deal,..sleep sucks for the first 3nights after that no problem the pain meds are amazing for this helps you keep your sanity although day 5 they made me feel too good went mini golfing with my family then I ended up swollen again, surgery was a nasoseptum looked like someone lit a firecracker in my nose it was in rough shape I got it broken a few times I have been able to breathe since day of surgery so no clogged nostrils but I do feel sinus pressure I’m on my eighth day as I’m writing this and the cast and splints in my nose aggravate me sometimes but not that bad I get them out tomorrow also I had a sneezing attack last night which I was scared I’d blow my nose apart but I just kept my mouth open when I sneezed did it about 7-8 times and I am ok,…I felt I owed it to everyone to share my experience on this with everyone because it was reading your stories that helped me also I’ve smoked for about 20 years and I haven’t had a cigarette this whole time so I’m looking to stay quit I thank god for that one because I’ve prayed for it,..sorry for the horrible grammar it’s not my strong suit

    1. Thank you Davidw my op is in 9 days I’m 57 and smoking over 40 years. I quit 3 days ago but I’d love one now. But I’m afraid.
      Hope I get through it ok. Dreading the mouth breathing lol xxx

  89. Had the surgery 7/30 everything went well. Was discharged same day. I was home 10 minutes and the bleeding started. It was pouring out of my nose and down my throat. I couldn’t breathe I was choking. I was rushed to hospital and went to the trauma unit. It was awful. 72 hours later my breathing is so blocked. I am so sorry I got this surgery. Wouldn’t recommend it to anyone.

  90. Hi-
    Did any of you have a sleep study done prior to surgery or did you just go straight to an ENT? I was told years ago that I have a deviated septum and this last year I can’t sleep more than a couple of hours without waking up short of breath. Even when I’m awake I have a hard time breathing! Thank you for the support!

    1. I just went straight to an ENT. It sounds like your deviated septum is quite severe, so I’d suggest that you do the same. I’d be very surprised if it didn’t offer a noticeable impact. :)

  91. hello david turnbull

    i had the same prroblem and fixed by surgery on August 4th ,2015. i want to know the problems caused by deviated nasal septum. will this problem effect our heart and leads to heart palpitation while running or @ any physical activities as you mentioned. first i thought i had heart problem. so i went to doctor and checked blood test , urine teat , chest x ray , and ECG. but doctor found nothing in these tests. he just checke my BP Only and it is above 140/90. so he prescribed tablet for palpitations after taking this tablet (proponolol) BP Level went to normal 120/80. doctor said he have found no problem in my boby especially in heart and lungs. oneday i explained about my oneside blocked nose to doctor. doctor needs CT Scan of nose ( PNS ) found deviated septum . so i straightly went to ENT doctor. ENT doctor asked me to undergo a surgery for deviated septum. but when i explained my BP problem to ENT doctor he said BP will never come by deviated septum. but general medicine doctor believed And he said once i finished my surgery successfully BP Will get down gradually. i am sorry i should tell about my age first . i am 23 years old and i had this problem for 9 years.

    dear david turnbull
    have you experienced the above problems which i mentioned ( cant do physical activities like running, playing cricket or football ). i forgot to tell you i had snoring problem also

    thank you

    1. Deviated septum itself won’t cause high BP but it can cause it indirectly. If the septum causes sleep apnea, the apnea can definitely contribute to HBP. A spike in BP was what caused me to go down this road and discover that my deviated septum was the source of my breathing and sleeping issues. I’m scheduled for surgery next month.

      1. hi beegirl
        happy to see your reply.

        yes deviated septum never cause high BP but it will causes indirectly. My septum was about 99% deviated. I never had sleep apnea but still I’m having snoring problem. People who has deviated septum absorbs less oxygen only. So it will definitely make heart work hard and will cause palpitation. Day by day heart works more hard and also had no sufficient oxygen. So these factors definitely leads to HIGH BP what causes severe problems in our body ( important one is digestion problem, lack of concentration, physically tired ).

        But after surgery I never check my BP. Because I scared to check.
        After surgery I have noticed some improvements are

        1.Good digestive system even had heavy meals like mutton, chicken

        2.Physically I feel more healthy. I can cycling to 5kms( as much as I can) without rest which I can’t do before the surgery. I will became tired and hardly to breath even 200 – 300 metres cycling before surgery.

        3.Like cycling jogging is also tough for me even for 200 metres. nowadays can jogging to atleat 1- 2kms ( I do jogging sometimes only not daily if I do daily means 5kms also possible.)


        But only worry is
        is it possible that the corrected septum by surgery again will go to deviate.

  92. Lucky you – I have no septum to deviate – though it was deviated before it was torn out during endoscopic surgery to remove a pituitary tumor – a very long and painful story. Now breathing creates so much turbulence in my nasal cavity and remaining sinuses, that I’m constantly producing tons of mucus. Bon Appetite.

    Love your Meteor books! Not a fan of the ‘Discover Meteor` approach. I am curious about a couple of things and would love to ask a couple questions. Are you emailable or otherwise contactable? Thanks regardless.

  93. Okay, had my operation for my deviated septum on my left side (almost completely blocked), and the operation itself went smoothly. The recovery room was horrible as the Nazi ladies in there wouldn’t allow you to have any water even after being coherent. Came home and there was an intense feeling of pressure as the packing inside the nose was doubled, and made it very uncomfortable. Mouth breathing was difficult and lead to sore throat and dry mouth – palate was tender as well. Eating proved to be an adventure and I basically lived off yogurt, grapes, Ginger-Ale and soup. Highly recommend keeping those things stocked. 48 hours post op felt like intense sinus infection and finally removed packing this morning, and was instantly relieved. It hurt, but the pain is worth that pressure being relieved…. Using polysporin on q tips to keep the inside of both nostrils lubricated, have flushed with the Neti Pot and use a generic nasal mist as well… Lots of swelling so far and steady drainage. Not a lot of blood in the discharge but there is some. Feeling very good so far but would like this swelling to decrease. Any good tips or suggestions?

    Btw thank you for the website and first hand accounts from everyone. I find my experience has been certainly difficult by times but overall pretty tolerable and will be well worth it, if I’m able to breathe from my left side again. Thanks!

  94. Can someone please help me decide if this is possible? I am having surgery on 23rd September for deviated spetum. There is a very special show – David gilmour from pink floyd on teh 24th. I have waited all my life to see him and this may be the last time ever. Will I be ok? It’s just a sitting down show etc.

    1. That would probably be very difficult. Your nose will likely be bleeding and swollen, and you’ll want nothing more than to just lie back and go to sleep. But at the same time, everyone responds differently to surgery. Maybe you’ll be lucky.

  95. Just had an Adenoidectomy and Septoplasty surgery done last Thursday and just found this site today and I would really have to recommend this surgery to anyone who seriously needs it. Ten years ago I broke the front of my nose and after years of various allergy medications, nasal sprays, cool mist vaporizers, and having to sleep on my side in order to breathe laying down I can already tell this is going to be well worth it. The surgery was done under general and aside from the first 48 hours I’ve had zero major issues. The first day I bled from about the time I woke at like 2 until around midnight, but that quickly went away. My ENT doctor doesn’t believe in packing and just used the stints to hold and help heal, and I cannot wait until tomorrow when they finally come out to see the results. Saline, nasal gel, vaporizer, and pain medication have made the entire procedure reqlitively painless. I’m still spitting out bloody mucus every time I use the spray bit even that has slowly gone away. The biggest issue for me has been sleeping in a recliner but between the pain pills helping to fall asleep and a week off, it’s allowed me to pass out basically at will. Breathing is still a bit congested but after 10 years with less than 4mm of room in one nostril anyway, it’s not much different. After tomorrow when the stints are out I’ll update but so far I can already tell this is going to be well worth it.

  96. I had my septum taken care of about 10 years ago. I went without a sinus infection for 9 of those years. I had a severe sinus infection and was told that my septum was deviated. Has anyone ever had this happen? I was told that I was told that I needed surgery again. I’m getting a second opinion but wanted to know if anyone has had this reoccur.
    Thanks in advance

    1. I had a septoplasty in 2011 by a plastic surgeon and it only corrected the outer septum. (I did NOT have a rhinoplasty). I continued to have problems and went to an otolaryngologist for a sinus CT scan. Found out my septal deviation went far back towards the brain. I also learned I had a large concha bullosa in the mid turbinate and enlarged lower turbinates. I had a second surgery 10 days ago with a very experienced ENT surgeon to correct all of the above. I asked if the septum would go back to its deviated position. He said there was no chance in my case now because of the change in all of the surrounding structures. He said it would not have been straightened without the concha bullosa resection. So please make sure your sinuses are normal, if not, you will need both repaired for permanent success. The septoplasty with concha bullosa resection and turbinate reduction was a tough recovery and I’m still not anywhere near normal but the benefits to your health (breathing, immunity, teeth, etc.) are worth it. Good luck!

  97. Thanks so much for this post, David! Having septoplasty, ballooon sinuplasty & some turbinates removed tomorrow, & feel much better about it now. Soounds scary, but after years of interrupted sleep & repeated sinus infections it seems like a wise decision.

  98. I thought i was alone in this but i’m glad i found this blog.

    I’m 36 post surgery for septoplasty and turbinate surgery. I had a massive panic attack when i woke up with packings across my face due to claustrophobia. I’m glad they allowed me to remove it.

    I’m now home (1 night spent at the hospital) and the splints are uncomfortable. Almost impossible to breathe through my nostrils and will need to adjust breathing through my mouth in bed.

    I’m very glad to read so many positive comments on everybodys progress that i’m really gonna keep my chin up and convince myself it will be all worth it. I will have my stints removed in 6 days. I really can’t wait!

    Eugene from Malaysia

  99. Thanks David for setting up this thread. Thanks also to the participants sharing their experiences. I had breathing difficulties, no sense of smell, and a post nasal drip for many years. At age 40 I went for an exam, and was recommended to go for surgery, simply widening the air passages in my nostrils by removing some cartilage. The op itself seemed to go OK, and immediately afterwards, I had the very first whiff of a sense of smell.

    However my recovery suddenly went downhill, and l became very ill. I was rushed to intensive care with scepticemia (bacteria in the blood), due to bad working practices at the hospital where l was treated. That was much worse than any pain from the op! However when l recovered, my breathing was easier, although the sense of smell never really returned.

    More recently the post nasal drip has returned, (I have a “frog in my throat” constantly), and a rattle in my chest, which is disturbing when trying to get to sleep. I went for another exam. They found l have a deviated septum, and have severe crusting in my blocked nostril. I can’t figure out if the septum has changed shape recently, or was always like that, and just never picked up during the first exam and subsequent op, although that is hard to believe. If those clowns were incompetent enough to give me scepticemia, then they might have overlooked the deviation in my septum.

    I have been once again recommended for surgery to correct this, although given a few months to think about it. These comments have all been very helpful, and as things stand, I think l will go for it. I will keep you posted. Thanks again.

    1. Sounds incompetent or possibly negligent. Hope you do not go to the same place for any subsequent surgery. Time for a good second opinion! Hope you fully recover and get a good solution soon!

  100. Hi David,

    It’s more than a year for your surgery. How are things now in terms of breathing, sleep and attitude towards life?

    Mine will be in next 15-30 days.


  101. Hi thanks for the info. I’m in the uk and had my surgery yesterday. Wasn’t prepared for the amount of bleeding which caused me to stay overnight. Still bleeding now but not as much. The headaches are hell but reading your post I know it won’t last forever. Thanks again.

  102. I’m a healthy 44 year old, and I just had septoplasty and turbinate reduction this morning. I was an athlete in high school and college and I got nailed in the face with softballs and elbows, but never realized how much damage it did until now. I will say that I had myself worked up pretty bad before the surgery, anticipating the worst. But, so far, so good. The pain was WAY less than I’d imagined. I did have a slight headache soon after, but the nausea was the worst for me. I guess I had post-nasal dripping blood that ran into my stomach, making me nauseous and vomit. That lasted for about two hours, and then I was fine. I have a nausea patch on, which is working great. Tylenol only so far for pain, and the bleeding slowed and finally stopped when I got home a few hours later. I’m eating pudding, just pudding. No numb spots on my nose either; just a little swollen, and a slight sore throat.

    1. Suzanne W. I was so glad to see your comment! I am a healthy 46 y/o scheduled to have this surgery on 1/12/16. I am totally worked up about it, but your account was very helpful. One thing I’m terrified of is vomiting after the procedure (I lean toward terror with vomiting, just generally speaking).

      I have never had a problem with anesthesia, but the dripping blood–that’s what I have read is the kicker with this surgery. I asked my doctor about it at my last visit and he said he uses gauze in the back of the throat during the surgery to take care of blood going back into the stomach, and that the blood is very minimal (he stitches the septum and uses no packing–did you have packing?).

      He also said that they use the patch during surgery, as well as two different anti-nausea meds, plus a bolster of anti-nausea meds before leaving. They don’t really want their nasal surgery patients vomiting! Do you think this has a good chance of taking care of the problem if I have the blood-in-stomach? Did you get anti-nausea meds before vomiting or only after to control the nausea? Thank you! How are you feeling several days post-surgery? Ellen B.

      1. I didn’t have any packing, and they didn’t give me anything for nausea until after I was vomiting. I think if I’d had them sooner, I’d have been better.
        I felt like I had a bad cold for a week, until the Dr removed the plastic splints from my nose. No issues since then! How are you doing now?

  103. I’m a 36 yr old. My 1st surgery about 5 yrs ago was to fix my post nasal drip and deviated septum & also remove my tonsils. The best thing that came of that surgery was the tonsillectomy, after spending many of younger years being sick (tonsillitis, glandular fever… etc). Unfortunately, not long after this first surgery neither the post nasal drip nor the deviated septum was fixed & I ended up with further blockage of mucus due to the scar tissue adhesions from the surgery. So here I am again exactly 1 week after my 2nd sinus surgery hoping that all is going to be ok this time. My main concern for the past 8 yrs has been my post nasal drip, so this surgery involved the removal of adhesions (formed after last surgery), another FESS to remove the mucus, another Septoplasty, Rhinoplasty, & the removal of polyps (which had formed since the last surgery).
    Really hoping the results are better this time around! Now, after about 5 days of mouth breathing with ulcers in my throat I am very pleased to say that I can breathe through my nose better than I ever have. I do need tips though (?) on how to reduce post nasal drip, as I am experiencing the same post nasal drip feeling that I had before (& have previously tried all the nasal sprays & irrigation under the sun). I am really hoping that with further recovery time & continued irrigation it will go away. Regardless of my not-so successful sinus surgery, for anyone who is unsure about having surgery, I would say… Yes it is a challenge… from the anxiety of being wheeled in to the theatre, to feeling a lot of discomfort while recovering… but I do think it’s worth it. It’s better to do something than nothing.

  104. I was diagnosed with a deviated septum last month after I saw an ENT doctor for possible sleep apnea. I have surgery to fix it on November 30. I’m hoping this will fix the extreme fatigue I’ve been feeling over the last 5 or so years and help my breathing. I’ll add to this post after it’s done.

    BTW, I’m 67 years old so if I can do it anyone can!

  105. How do you feel a year later, David? Would you still recommend it? I’m 40 and over the past 10 years my deviated septum has worsened causing snoring and an almost 70% blockage in one nostril. After reading all the horror stories about recovery I’m worried and just want to know if (in the long run) it all pans out as worthwhile.

    1. I’m still happy I had the surgery. I think my nostril did close back up a little but, previously, I couldn’t breath out of that nostril at all, while now there’s still a clear flow of air. :)

  106. It’s been a week since my surgery. Other than a headache and some drainage, there have been no issues for this first week of recovery.

    I’m getting my splints taken out today. There should be an even bigger increase in the amount of air I’m able to take in through my nose once they’re removed. More to follow…

  107. I cant sleep I had my surgery 2days ago and im miserable so stuffy and nose hurts.Doc says it harder surgery than he thought.Not hungary,but it sounds like its normal.I do not ever want to do this surgery again.Hopefully will get better.

  108. I found your article very thorough and insightful. Im really interested in the fatigue side of things, like your fatigue levels before and after the operation?

    I have always been a snorer, to the point now my wife and I sleep in different rooms (still in love though) and my fatigue levels have always been a battle most of my life

    I’ve had a couple of sleep studies during my life but they couldn’t definitely say I had sleep apnea, just my breathing slowed on occasions. I’m pretty sure the surgery will have a positive impact on my snoring but I’m really interested in the percentage improvement in your fatigue levels?

    The other slightly concerning thing is with all the commentary there isn’t a heap of ‘definitely get this done, it has changed my life’ kind of comments

  109. I had septoplasty 3 days ago. Worst experience ever. I have a high tolerance for pain and the recovery is worst than delivering a baby. I wish I had been warned. Not only can I not breathe out of my nose, the drainage in my throat is so bad it is choking. Pain meds don’t even touch the throbbing in my face nor the excruciating headache. I was suffering from sinus infections and rather deal with those than do this surgery. Can’t get the stints out soon enough and move on and deal with everything by myself.

  110. I have been congested for years. Last summer I had my annual exam and the blood tests results came back showing my red blood cells to be very elevated. I was referred to a hematologist to have to be tested for Polytcythamia Vera which is a serious bone marrow disease that if left untreated can lead to acute leukemia. The results came back negative and learned that sleep apnea is the second leading cause of elevated red blood cells. I did a sleep study and did have some sleep moderate apnea with a lot of breathing disruptions. I saw an ENT and he told me my deviated septum was at 90%! I had deviated septum surgery yesterday (Friday). I also had several polyps in my sinuses with massive puss. I am taking Arnina 200c two times a day for pain. The pain is not bad at all except the throat is very sore. I will be having the nasal tubes removed Monday. It will be interesting to see if my red blood cell count returns to normal. I am really glad I had the surgery.

  111. On the 08th December had a septoplasty surgery and on the 23rd December had the plastic slints removed. It is Christmas morning and I am in so much discomfort, having major flu type symptoms i.e headache, heavy head, swollen and painful running nose. The ENT specialist told me after taking the splints out that all I will need to do is rinse my nose twice a day with salt water then on the 11th January he will start me on a 3 month courtesone spray treatment.

    I am woundering if I should not go now on the courtesone spray treatment to relieve the pain and discomfort, can anyone advise here?

    For those that are thinking of doing the surgery, well mine was done under general aneasthetic and I am glad , but after waking up still in the surgery room I had an anxiety attack(could not breathe and throat was blocked with mucus) and the nurse gave me an injection which helped.

    The 14 days post surgery with plastic slints in my nose and cleansing treatment was uncomfortable.

    For now although in discomfort my previously blocked nasal passage seems to be open and I cannot wait until my nose is back to normal.

  112. I am having Functional endoscopic sinus surgery (FESS), septoplasty and Turbinate reduction in a few weeks. My biggest question is, how soon can I return to work and can you do so with the splints in. I’m terrified of this procedure but both sides are badly deviated and I am coming up on probably my 8 or 9th sinus infection this year. It’s been constant and I am pretty sick of being sick.

  113. Just had septo done two days ago, and yes it is very uncomfortable having to breath through my mouth accompanied by sleep deprivation. The left side was totally blocked in which I put off the surgery for a year. Cannot wait for the splints to be removed so I can hopefully breathe and sleep better.

    1. That’s always a chance with any surgery, but research and try to get an experienced surgeon to increase your chances of success.

  114. I had my surgery almost two months ago. I had it done on a Thursday and went back to work the following Tuesday, but probably should have waited one more day. Immediately after the splints were removed, I noticed a HUGE difference in the amount of air intake through my nose. It honestly freaked me out a bit! Now, I get more air through just one side than I did through my entire nose before on a good day. I’m happy I did it. The only weird thing I’ve noticed is that now, if I blow my nose too hard, I sound like a horse, so I avoid doing that…lol

    1. Hi Suzanne you made me laugh love. My deviated septum op is I. 9 days. I’m pretty terrified but people like yourself and a good few others have made me look forward to a life off breathing properly again.
      Thanks to David for giving us this insight .
      Good luck to all. I have replyed to lots off people I’m not sure if they will see my replays. Thanks a lot. Say wee prayer for me on the 4th Febuary xxxxx

      Hey David is there anything I should do in the next 9 days that might help me? Tips ect
      I only got the call yesterday about my Opp. So haven’t got the letter yet.

  115. I just had the septoplasty surgery and turbinate reduction done on Jan. 15. After the procedure, The ENT said that my left side was 90 blocked. The third day after surgery was the worst for me because I didn’t like the side effects of the pain reliever and decided to take 2 -500 mg ibuprofen instead. The splints were removed later that day–that is when the super size headaches went away. Now that is is day 4 , I can breathe pretty well out of both nostrils. My question is how does the ENT determine how long to keep the stints in? In reading the posts, it looks like it can be up to 2 weeks.

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